Obama Has Used the Word ‘Gay’ in Official Dialogue 272 Times in 5 Years

President Obama far exceeds any other president when it comes to using the word "gay" in speeches, statements, or proclamations, the AP reports:

FierceadvocateThe Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights group, did some digging and found that President Barack Obama has used "gay" 272 times since taking office in 2009, far more than any of his recent predecessors: Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Only Clinton comes closest to Obama, having used "gay" 216 times during his two terms, says a new report from the advocacy group…

The bulk of Clinton's usage came when he was discussing the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, which he signed, and during the time Matthew Shepard was murdered.

George W. Bush used the word twice, once when he was speaking against marriage equality, and neither his father George H.W. Bush nor Ronald Reagan ever used the word in an official capacity.

"President Obama has used the word 'transgender' at least 33 times in speeches, statements and proclamations. He’s used the word 'bisexual' at least 28 times, and 'lesbian' at least 88 times, according to HRC.

Additionally, "Obama also has used 'lesbian,' 'gay,' 'bisexual' or 'transgender' a total of 421 times."

The full report can be found HERE.


  1. Tophier Verdugo says

    I don’t think that counting the number of times someone says ‘gay’ is a sign of support. The member of Congress who says gay the most is probably Michele Bachmann.

  2. jason says

    Obama is using us to raise funds. What has he actually done for us since being re-elected? Nothing, that’s what. He has never ever issued even one pro-gay executive order.

    I won’t vote for any Democrat in this year’s Congressional elections.

  3. Rick says

    I have to say that gay rights have made great advances under the Obama administrations.

    It makes me realize how much I really regret those two votes for George W. Bush.

  4. Melinda says

    Obama only mentioned trannies because of LGBT. He had no reason to discuss them as a stand-alone group. Once again, trannies ride on LGB coattails. They can’t do anything on their own, except trash gays and feminists and commit lots of crime. BTW, the one and only major tranny political donor is a Republican. Trannies are not our friends.

  5. whitneyisadude says

    Fvck you ridiculous haters that talk sh*t about Obama. He’s been an undeniably great president for us.

  6. jason says

    Yes, Obama has been better, but that’s not saying much.

    Clinton was a travesty, a total failure. Have you forgotten how he signed DOMA into law? Have you forgotten how he signed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell into law?

    Clinton made life more difficult for gay people. I will never vote for another Clinton.

  7. andrew says

    @JASON: Not that you are interested in facts, but I will give you one anyway: Although DADT was an unsatisfactory compromise, life in the military was much less stressful for gay people after it was enacted. Before DADT there were investigations/witch hunts trying to determine who was gay so they could be thrown out of the military with general or even dishonorable discharges.

  8. andrew says

    Thank you Mr. Obama. I can only imagine how good it would have made me feel, when I was a teenage boy facing the realization that I was gay, to hear the president frequently and positively refer to people like me. Those, who like me, grew up in a time when no one, in any position of authority, ever said a single positive thing about gays, realize how life affirming his words are, especially to young people just beginning to deal with their homosexuality.

  9. says

    He’s not afraid of the word, and he’ll go down in history as a significant part of the tipping point towards full gay equality. (If Mitt was president, DADT and DOMA Section 3 would likely still stand, and his DOJ would be fighting us all the way.) Anyone who claims differently is an idiot.

  10. ny2.0 says

    Yet another reason for voting liberal, progressive Democrats to advance gay rights. Anyone who says differently is a disingenuous Republican.

  11. Jacob says

    Jason you’re so wrong and stupid I can’t, I just can’t. Have fun supporting Palin and Mitt

  12. MaryM says

    Clinton is no friend of our community.

    I know the background to DADT and DOMA but he has NEVER apologised for the massive damage he inflicted of millions of our community for those fascist laws (and lest we forget he used them in promotional spots).

  13. says

    ????? “The bulk of Clinton’s usage came when he was discussing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, which he created ….”????

    If, as HRC’s project rightly asserts, “words matter,” how can anyone write that? Clinton did not “create” DADT but Congress did. Yes, I agree with those who believe he shouldn’t have signed the bill. But such a veto would have had only symbolic significance as it would have immediately been overridden by the Congress which passed it by a veto-proof majority of NINETY-TWO to 7 in the Senate (including 52 of 57 Dems) and THREE HUNDRED & ONE to 134 in the Senate. Even his party’s own Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell had privately told him there weren’t enough votes to support lifting the ban, and he’d been publicly stabbed in the back by his Secretary of Defense, Les Aspin, when a memo from him to Clinton saying saying he didn’t think they could get the votes to defeat any bill intended to keep the ban was leaked to the press.

    THE book on how the policy ban dating to WWII was transmogrified into DADT was written by gay historian Nathaniel Frank, in which he summarizes:

    “Looking back, we can see that don’t ask, don’t tell was the result of three different forces operating together and reinforcing one another-and all three rested on a belief that homosexuality was morally objectionable. The first was the conflicted feelings of the American public and, even more so, the military population. … The second was the powerful empire of conservative Christian groups that made maintaining the gay ban into their cause célèbre. The extraordinary alliance of the religious right laid the elaborate groundwork for the successful campaign that convinced America that it would let gays serve their country at considerable peril. And the third source was the personal opposition to gay service of academic, political, and military leaders such as Charles Moskos, Sam Nunn, and Colin Powell. … The new Clinton White House and the existing cadre of gay advocacy groups were totally unprepared for the opposition they would encounter…. In the hands of the religious right, Moskos’s privacy concerns quickly morphed into sweeping homophobic declarations that homosexuality threatened to destroy the military and, ultimately, Western civilization. With the help of Sam Nunn and Colin Powell, Christian conservatives [would] stave off Armageddon for a little while longer.”

    Now, without taking anything from the good that Obama has actually done, might we see a Towleroad article on why the Human Rights Champagne fund spent so much time on research to create this early Valentine to the President rather than publically demanding he keep his years-old promises to order federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBTs, use his bully pulpit to advance ENDA, and create nondiscrimination policies for gays in the military post repeal? “The nation’s largest gay rights group” or the nation’s largest gay group acting as a propaganda arm for the White House?

    Thank you.