Gay Yale Professor Died Of Drug Overdose After Altercation With Husband

On November 24, 2013, openly gay Yale University english professor Samuel See died. Now, a report released by medical examiners has revealed that the cause of death was a drug overdose. Joe.My.God. posted the report which details not only See's death but the rather mysterious events surrounding it.

SamuelseeThe report reads:

See died of acute methamphetamine and amphetamine intoxication with recent myocardial infarction. His death was ruled an accident. See was found unresponsive in a detention cell at 6 a.m. on Nov. 24. Court marshals performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until medics arrived. See, who was alone in his cell, was pronounced dead at 6:15 a.m. See, an assistant professor of English and American studies, was on leave this semester. New Haven police are investigating the circumstances of See's death. New Haven police responded to a domestic dispute at See's home the evening of Nov. 23. Sunder Ganglani, 32, who identified himself as See's husband, was at the home in violation of a protective order, police said.


  1. crispy says

    Joseph, hon, you sorta forgot to include the most important fact of the story, which is that he died while in police custody. The coroner’s report helps inform the question of whether it was police brutality.

  2. Sergio says

    I’ll never understand why people with so much going for them (tenure at one of the best universities in the world, for one) can just throw it all away for instant ‘gratification’ with drugs. I wonder if anyone close to him knew that he needed psychiatric help.

  3. Jeffrey says

    “See was found unresponsive in a detention cell”
    That line seems pretty clear that he was in police custody. So many in this case seem to jump to the conclusion that there was mistreat by the police. There is simply no evidence of that. Just another apparently smart and talented person, who is dumb enough to waste their lives on a drug like meth.

  4. ratbastard says


    I immediately thought the same thing. Not only the police but the hospital / EMT staff who treated him for his injury. It should have been apparent from his appearance and vitals he was on meth, and he should at least have been closely monitored for his safety.

  5. KidJ/NYU says

    The dead prof was a “queer theorist.” Like any higher-up in a religious cult, he thought himself morally superior to others and was quick to make sweeping judgments about everyone in the world. His professional writings consisted of judging other and making unsubstantiated assertions about the nature of gay and straight people.

    But while he was scowling at the benighted masses of heteronormative proles, he was meth user and a perpetrator of domestic violence. No televangelist could hold a candle to a queer academic when it comes to rank hypocrisy.

    “Queer” theorists, “queer” academics, and “queer” activists are anti-gay. They do not believe in equality for LGBs and indeed they view LGBs as inherently marginal beings, destined to be forever in conflict with their families and communities. We should feel no grief when one of them leaves this mortal coil and thus can do no further harm to gay people.

  6. says

    Towleroad comments used to give us insight to the diverse readership of this great site… now it’s looking like the gay national Enquire readership. My mother used to say… “if you can not say anything good about something… don’t say it!”

    More important,use common sense before calling people names and wait until the facts are available.

  7. Gordon says

    Nah not homophobes, just comments on a situation that was domestic, almost accused the ex husband despite mega drug taking being involved, get a grip people – how is this news?

  8. Perry says

    Nothing sad about this. This highly educated man was stupid enough to take a highly addictive drug that wrecks your life. No sympathy for him. Sad would have been if he died in a car crash, plane crash, or any ACCIDENT!!!. This wasn’t an accident.

    I love how people make unfounded leaps about police brutality but don’t make the same unfounded leaps that he was a regular drug user. It shows that you live in a sad and bigoted world that you believe everyone is out to get the gays.

  9. macguffin54 says

    @PERRY, you are making unfounded leaps, yourself, since you don’t know all of the details. I don’t know, and neither do you. )Though, if neglect/brutality/mishandling weren’t an issue, how did he die of a drug overdose while in custody? Either he brought them in, or he was unconscious when he was incarcerated.) Moreover, you, and the rest of the creeps on here, should be ashamed of yourselves for cavalier attitude toward this man’s death. Any death is sad, in general and to those who are left behind. Whether he chose to do drugs, got hit by a car, committed suicide or died of old age in bed, death and loss are sad. Making light of that or trying to encroach on the mourning of those who knew him and those who simply have compassion is reprehensible. You should be ashamed or yourself. Go to tell this man’s mother or husband that his death is not sad. See if your opinion does not change.

  10. greg says

    There could have also been an underlying heart issue that brought on the myocardial infarction, aside from the powerful drug ingestion. Sad story all around .

  11. Perry says

    Once again, i have ZERO sympathy for people who use drugs and overdose. There are consequences to extremely irresponsible behavior.

    And I would have no problems telling his parents that his death is not sad nor tragic. It was completely preventable.

  12. Andy says

    Since he was a queer theorist, and since queer theorists don’t believe in objective reality, perhaps we should consider that he is not really dead.

    Perhaps he is just “reifying an alternative narrative to the traditionally heteronormative binary of life/death.” Or maybe instead of suffering heart failure, he was bravely “interrogating the hegemonic master/slave relationship between body and heart, challenging the latter to cast off the oppressive yoke of forced labor.”


  13. wheelie81 says

    Lots of missing facts here:

    1. Why was he in jail? The story says that his husband was the one violating a protective order, so why would he be the one arrested and jailed?

    2. How did he get the drugs while in jail?

    3. Were there any other circumstances surrounding his death?

    This just doesn’t seem like the whole story to me at all.

  14. Icebloo says

    Smells like a police cover up. We need an independent inquiry into this ! Someone lost their life in very suspicious circumstances and we still have no answers.

  15. Quicksilver says

    I guess they will let anyone teach at Yale. This clown had quite an unremarkable CV. Started out at a Bakersfield community college, just got a UCLA PhD 3 years ago, a few totally pants Queer Lit papers along the way and he’s off to New Haven?! Whatever.

  16. steve donoghue says

    Moniker’s question couldn’t be any simpler or more damning: He was in his cell for 24 hours ODing?

    He was high enough to DIE, but not high enough to alert either hospital staff or his jailers? This whole thing STINKS. And if it really is some kind of cover-up, the sheer speed with which the spin has gone from ‘did the police kill him?’ to ‘oh, the toll meth has taken on the community’ proves it’s been a SUCCESSFUL cover-up.

  17. j says

    there was a nyt article on 12/19 about his other life – very interesting. he was apparently hooking on a few websites – ads with his photo
    ambulances called to his home six times in the last year – including the day before he died – recently HIV + – on upaid leave, according to friends big change in behavior over the last year. etc. (btw, he wasn’t tenured as someone said but up for tenure review likely in the year = major stress – his 4th year review might not have been pretty.)
    there is more here than assistant prof. at yale dies in jail –

  18. Tim says

    @Perry – You’re the sort of person who would tell a grieving set of parents that, for example, it was God’s will that their baby died of crib death? A friend of mine’s father, who is a priest, overheard a colleague say that and was sorely tempted to smack said ‘pastor’. For the most part, non-ociopathic people would not say such a thing to someone’s parents; fortunately, I suspect people would sense your apparent lack of basic human decency and prevent you from getting near the parents.

  19. Perry says


    Cribs Death is an involuntary action

    Taking Meth that leads to your death is a completely voluntary action by an adult (in this case a educated adult).

    Nice try though

  20. Mike says

    Don’t really understand how there could be a “cover up” in the context of a dead queer theorist. To say there was a “cover up” implies that there is a version of events that is “true.”

    But as the the late queer Sammy See would surely tell you, there is no truth, only competing narratives, some of which become privileged through the wielding of power. So I say we should honor Prof. See’s irrationality and amorality – which in combination are the bases of queer ideology – and reject any notion that any one version of events is “true” or that we should strive to have our conclusions about “reality” be based on “facts.”

    Far easier to just spew words. And it gets you a cushy job at Yale to boot!

  21. Lucas H says

    :(. This is sad, and the lack of empathy exhibited in these comments makes it even more so. How have some of you become so heartless and mean? This guy lost his life, and you’re judging him based on his one stupid final act? If y’all are being genuine with your nasty remarks, you either have a personality disorder, or you’ve lived under a rock your whole life.

  22. Perry says

    Not heartless. I save my sympathy for those that deserve it. Those that die due to no fault of their own. Not those that do something they know can kill them. Would you have sympathy for a drunk driver who kills himself in an accident?

  23. Struggler... says

    So very sad..and a warning. I have struggled with the same issue. Clean and sober today, but it is a wicked substance, and it kills, and yes, it is tragically hurting our community, among others..there is help.

  24. Perry says

    No I don’t have sympathy for a drunk driver who kills themselves in a car crash. They made the decision to drink and then driving knowing how dangerous it is.

  25. Lucas H says

    I’m sure you’d answer differently if it happened to someone you cared for, but that’s okay. Hopefully you don’t have to ever find out what it’s like to lose someone that way.

  26. redball says


    LMAO. I’m not a professional queer theorist but I have studied queer theory and, besides having really sh.tty morals, you also have no idea what the you’re talking about.

    Queer theory does not hate straights; it points out how homophobia permeates society and culture and destroys queer people.

    Looks like you need to go back to school and/or the library.

  27. Pictor says

    Left alone in a prison cell to die of drug overdose (no police check and surveillance?!), while it was his husband who violated the protective order the day before… People can be murdered by drug injection.
    This ‘report’ raises plenty of disturbing questions. Never to be anwered?

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