Police Arrest Suspect Wanted for Brutal Beating of Gay NYC Journalist Randy Gener


Police have arrested Leighton Jennings, 24, of Queens in connection with the brutal beating of gay journalist Randy Gener in Hell's Kitchen earlier this month, the NY Daily News reports:

Leighton Jennings, 24, was arrested for second-degree assault late Tuesday — more than a week after Randy Gener, 46, was attacked on Seventh Ave. near W. 54th St. on Jan. 17, cops said.

It was not immediately clear how cops identified Jennings — of St. Albans, Queens — as the suspect wanted, but a source said the beatdown apparently stemmed from an argument on the street.

The source said investigators found no evidence suggesting it was a bias attack.

Jennings was waiting to be arraigned Wednesday.

Gener remains in the hospital recovering from brain surgery.


  1. jason says

    The question that gay bloggers should be asking is whether the attacker was also gay. This tendency by bloggers to portray the victim as gay and the attacker as non-gay is typical of the gay victimhood mentality that has gripped gay blogging recently.

    You should never discount the possibility that the attacker is also gay.

  2. ratbastard says

    We don’t really know if this was a true gay ‘bashing’, it could be a simple and common street altercation that turned very violent. Two guys may have had a run in, exchanged words.

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