1. says

    So much about this is heartbreaking. The attack, fueled by hate, and the reality that a fundraising campaign is needed in order to pay for his medical expenses. Only in America can a person be the victim of a violent crime and then be attacked, again, by a humanity-insulting “health care system” that is run for profit.

  2. Bill says

    Little Kiwi,

    The health care system is run for profit in Canada too. The issue is insurance. And there is no reason to think that Gener doesn’t have insurance, which he could have received from an employer, bought on the exchange or bought from the Freelancers union. The GoFundMe campaign says only that it is to help him with medical expenses, which could mean anything from deductibles to uncovered expenses like taxi fare to and from the hospital.

  3. Glenn says

    A terrible crime, regardless of motive, and I hope he recovers quickly.

    In defense of my neighborhood, I don’t know many in NYC who would refer to 54/7 as Hell’s Kitchen. Not that we don’t have our own share of problems there of course. But there were previous comments about this happening in a gay neighborhood, etc…really, this is not.

  4. redball says

    @Glenn, yeah, it’s ONE avenue block OUTSIDE of hell’s kitchen.

    wow, i feel so safe!

    never mind that what this really means is that gays are not safe ANYWHERE–not at our bars (mark carson), not at penn station (the gay couple viciously attacked by gang of men in spring 2013), not in hell’s kitchen or one block outside of hell’s kitchen. (assuming this was a hate crime, which we don’t know for sure yet but i would not be surprised in the least.)

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