Queen Rocks A Kid Through Puberty And Back Again: VIDEO

The Daily Dot quotes Perren regarding his technique:

“I made a very simple lip sync animation for the song, and adjusted the frame rate to determine how long I’d have to take pictures for… Then everyday I’ve taken two pictures [one for the start and one for the end of the video] and they gradually make their way towards the middle of the video.”

If you wanna see another inspired take on Queen's classic, don't forget Shaun of the Dead's zombie pummeling version.


  1. will says

    I love the random creativity of youtube. It can’t be easy syncing mouth movements over 1,101 pics. He needs to keep this going for a few more years to be a nice counterpoint to that 30-year-old guy dancing in his underwear with his 20-year-old self to “Landslide”.

  2. Paul R says

    That certainly seems like a lot of effort. Kind of wish he’d changed his facial expression a bit, or the backgrounds a bit more often. But if he enjoyed doing it, good for him.

  3. Perkin Warbeck says

    Very impressive editing. And from a physiological perspective just how much he changes and to my eye the “suddenness” of the change about 17.5/17.6 years.

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