Russian MPs Hope to Blunt Criticism of Ban on ‘Gay Propaganda’ by Broadening It

Several Russian MPs have submitted a measure to the State Duma which proposes an amendment to the ban on "gay propaganda" to minors by changing it, the Moscow Times reports:

Vice_RussiaThe proposed changes, submitted Friday evening, would change the wording of the original law passed in June on "propagandizing non-traditional sexual relations" to a prohibition on "propagandizing a priority of sexual relations," Itar-Tass reported Sunday.

The rest of the law, including punishments that include up to 1 million ruble ($29,000) fines and 90 day suspensions for organizations which publicly promote homosexuality, would be left unchanged. Similar changes would be made to other laws on the protection of children.

The initiative, submitted by members of the ruling United Russia party along with Communists and Liberal Democrats, may be intended to nullify criticism of the anti-gay law which has drawn condemnation from Western countries and motivated gay activists to call for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Notes to the bill cite a rise in sexual activity among Russian teens as a motivating factor for broadening the law's scope and say it aims to protect children from information "damaging to the values of family life, the spiritual and intellectual development of minors."


  1. JackFknTwist says

    WTF ?

    A change to ban ” propagandizing a priority of sexual relations “.
    So prioritizing hetro-sexual relations would be equally banned ?

    This is what happens when people get their heads up their arse. The minute these politicians start poking their pseudo righteousness into private relationships they invariably phuck up what they are doing.
    The very notion of politicos telling any of us what we can or cannot do sexually is anathema.
    Get back into your churches…worship your self superiority….but keep away from our freedoms .
    I think I preferred Russia under Communism ; at least there wasn’t the fawning to the Orthodox extremists and the right wing fascists.
    Russia under communism was less obnoxious that this fascist regime.

  2. says

    Mizulina, the author of the original law, has said she’s against changing anything.

    Though it sounds like a face-saving move, few people think it will actually pass, and many complain that it would make things worse.

    In other news: Tesak/Martsinkevich has been returned from Cuba and arrested in Moscow.

  3. FullRinse says

    I really don’t understand what this means. What does “… a priority of sexual relations…” mean?

    Is this one of those Alice In Wonderland, ‘It means whatever I say it means’ type things?

  4. will says

    I don’t think the “change” means anything. They’re just doing PR work to clean up and smooth over the criticism. It’s putting lipstick on the pig. They are still fining any “promotion” of homosexuality — which was always vague in the first place, never mind the now vaguer re-write.

  5. gregorybrown says

    So, do I understand correctly that trends of increased sexual activity among Russian teens are to be addressed by passing laws thta will effectively reduce or ban truthful information about the positive and negative aspects of that behavior?

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