The ‘Chozen’ Ones: Eight Real-Life Gay Rappers — VIDEOS


NYC-based Cazwell may be best known for his abs and innuendo-laden videos for "Ice Cream Truck" and "All Over Your Face," but he's got a wicked sense of humor too. His Instagram anthem "No Selfie Control" inspired a fan video. Personally, we're partial to his summertime banger "Guess What?" with Luciana.



What can we say, we're a sucker for a sexy Pikachu. If you think the horns in Le1f's "Wut" sounds familiar, you're not alone. He accused Macklemore of ripping it off for his hit "Thrift Shop" (among other insults) on his Twitter last year.



Big Dipper represents for all the bears out there. The Chicago-based MC raised the funds for his "Drip Drop" video using Kickstarter.



Queen of Bounce Big Freedia has been making booties drop since the late-'90s. Not only did he have his own reality show last year (Big Freedia: Queen Of Bounce on Fuse), but he also set the Guinness World Record for twerking.



JbDubs, born James Whiteside, was a ballet dancer before becoming a rapper. (That's where he got them gams.) His video for "I Hate My Job," went viral, garnering more than 2 million views on YouTube. (We're all big fans of his video for "Pantywaister.")



Former Villanova basketball player turned musician Will Sheridan made waves in 2011 when he came out of the closet. He's been making jams ever since, including last year's "Here Comes the Son."



Los Angeles-based out rapper Deadlee has plenty to say on the subject of homophobic mainstream MCs. You may have caught his video for "Good Soldier II" when it was on heavy rotation on LOGO.



While more of a comedian than a rapper, it's hard to hear some of Chozen's weak rhymes and not long for the naughty tunes of Jonny McGovern, also known as the Gay Pimp. His "Sexy Nerd" may be the first (and last) song to rhyme "stripping" with "JavaScripting."

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