The Utah Ruling Hasn’t Changed Mitt Romney’s Mind on Gay Marriage


Mitt Romney, who is at Sundance for the new Netflix documentary about him, was asked about the recent Utah ruling on same-sex marriage in a Washington Post Q&A:

I have the same position that I’ve had when I was governor and when I ran as president. I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. We’ll see how the courts deal with this, but that’s the position I have and will continue to have.


  1. says

    “well, you know, I’m not one of those Mormons that ever learned how to think freely. And nobody in my huge family is gay. Nope. Not with all my sons and grandkids and nieces and nephews, none are gay. It’s because we wear magic underwear. Did you know that serving a two year Mormon Mission is exactly the same thing as serving your country in a branch of the military? It’s true. Going around the world trying to get people to join our cult is the same as going into a warzone. Also, Kolob”

    thanks Mitt!

  2. says

    why are they still allow to get a pass on the ”I believe marriage is between a man and a woman“ euphemism. The question should be asked is ”should the government deny marriage rights to same sex couples?”

  3. Onnyjay says

    Does anyone, anywhere on the planet, give a rat’s rear bumper what Mittens thinks about marriage, the weather, breakfast cereal or anything else?? By his own admission he has already committed intellectual suicide, drunk the Moron Kool-Ade and is in no position to speak out on any subject of importance. Good riddance.

  4. andrew says

    LOL!!! A Mormon who believes that marriage should be between One man and One Woman. What must he think of those evil polygamous founders of his “religion” like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Are they in hell for eternity for their sins? LOL LOL LOL LOL ………………………….

  5. rroberts says

    Did anybody even for a moment seriously imagine Mittens might have a different viewpoint? C’mon, why bother reporting about this guy or what he thinks? Who gives a rat’s a**?

  6. Drew says

    Romney is an anachronism, a product of a bygone era whose world view begins and ends with his small circle of wealthy family and friends and his Mormon faith.

    Odds are that at least one his many grandchildren is gay or lesbian.

    I cannot remember another losing major party Presidential candidate who has received as much media attention as Romney, except for John McCain because he is a sitting senator or Al Gore because of his environmental activism. Why does Romney receive or even deserve such attention?

  7. northalabama says

    i feel very sorry for him – he has not yet broken free of his cult or his delusion that he is still relevant in our political landscape. he clearly needs help, on many levels.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    Maureen Dowd’s column in the NYT suggested that he has given indications that he might make another attempt at a presidential campaign. And it seems that the documentary being presented at Sundance as practically a very long campaign ad. I find this sufficient proof that Mittens is medically unfit to hold ANY office, much less run any kind of corporation. Delusion can be an illness too.
    Tinkerbelle knows everything about fairyland. Mitt is in some parallel universe or a dimension that even the guys at MIT couldn’t even begin to conjecture. Please, let us just ignore this relic from the 19th century. His time is OVER, done, meh.

  9. Bob says

    Mitt is NEVER going to make any statment contradicting the policies of the mormon church.. NEVER!!

    I don’t think he will run for President again, but I think Ann wants him to be the “prophet” of the church, eventually. All their leaders come from businessmen, they have no clergy.

  10. Gregory in Seattle says

    Until the Presiding High Priest, President of the High Priesthood, Trustee-in-Trust for the church, Prophet, Seer, Revelator, Translator, and Ruler In Israel (all titles held by the President of the LDS Church, Thomas S. Monson) says otherwise, the Holy Doctrine of the Church is the same as it ever was (since it was last changed) and will be forever (until it gets changed again.)

  11. Stanhope says

    Mitt Romney is the essence of irrelevance. He was a miserable and flawed candidate and he is an arrogant and meaningless human being. Done and done…purchase a clue

  12. iowan says

    When he what? “ran as President” Granted, it is quite possibly a quick statement from him, and we all have moments of blunder. BUT, it certainly makes me ponder if he accidentally expressed his secret feeling on the matter.

  13. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Remember George Romney (of course you don’t, you’re too young)? He was Mitt’s dad & he also ran for President.

    The Romneys are just like the Bushes. They think they were ordained by God to run this country.

    Look out for Tagg.

  14. SoLeftImRight says

    Mittens is in the GW Bush category of never need to hear from them again. The opinion of Mitt Romney on any public policy issue is totally irrelevant.

  15. woody says

    He is an ungrounded person.
    I don’t think he believes in anything other than his personal wealth and advancement.
    He’s said whatever it takes to satisfy his constituency of the moment.
    What an awful person.

  16. Gr8Britton says

    Thank you Mitt for standing for something. We live in a country that’s lost its moral compass. One which glorifies abortion and pot smoking and vilifies the foundations of building a family. Thank you for fighting for legal recognition and rights for our gay brothers and sisters, yet at the same time thank you for standing up against their hijacking and mocking of “marriage”. They could care less about the meaning and sanctity of the institution. They are not looking for “equality”, theyre crying for attention.

  17. Kieran says

    He is a LIAR. Mormons believe that in order to get to the highest level of Heaven, a man MUST have more than one wife. They believe that they will be able to marry more wives after they are dead and then resurrected from the “surplus” of women who are so good, but never were able to marry a man. (insert eye roll here)

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