1. niles says

    You’re making a bunch of unfounded assumptions, and since when is “f*g” considered pro-gay?

  2. Seansie says

    It is entirely possible that an anti-gay vandal wrote it to implicate us. I agree with Niles, there is nothing pro-gay about that vandalism.


    “God [Loves] F*gs & Chicken!” is a “pro-gay message”? Oh Joey, say it ain’t so!

  4. MaryM says

    I think it’s hilarious. It’s not anti heterosexual and Chik Fil A supports fascism. So f*** tbem.

  5. kim says

    I agree with SEANSIE. The image I had in my mind was from the movie “Mean Girls” when the meanest girls writes terrible things about herself in ‘the book’ and then turns it in to the principal crying about how hurt she is.

    Anti-LGBTs always have to straw-man LGBTs. Now they’re vandalizing in our name and then crying foul.

  6. Edgar Carpenter says

    I think it’s a fine message, myself. I love fags and chickens, too, after all. Both are good, aren’t they?

    And there’s no point in getting mad because all gay people don’t act the same or protest in the same ways. That’ll never happen, and extreme protests just make non-extreme protests seem not radical, which is good.

    That said, loving fags and chickens does not strike me as extreme, since millions of us love fags and chickens, too.

  7. FFS says

    That’s the funniest vandalism statement I’ve seen, since someone spray-painted “SATIN RULES” next to a pentagram on the side of my hometown laundromat.

  8. Bill says

    @David R. It seems that in England, that ‘F’ word means cigarettes. Maybe the vandal was a Brit who smoked and liked to eat chicken.

    Not that I really expect that to be the case.

  9. says

    It’s frightening to think that somebody on staff @ Towleroad actually thinks “God loves f*gs and chicken” is a Pro-Gay message. That sure doesn’t speak well of the State of Gay blogging in the early 21st century. Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings must be twisting in their graves!

  10. jaker says

    why all the head scratching? clearly many homosexual men use “fag” regularly and it’s also turning “god hates fags” on its head.

    also, this vandalism will be an important rallying cry of persecution on the right.

    juvenile leftists shooting our movt in the foot, once again. oh well.

  11. BrokebackBob says

    Oh, if this could only be done to -every- Chick Fil A with a substance that you can power-wash off and with much more intelligence in the content. Act UP!