Ugandan President Blocks Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Calls Gays ‘Abnormal’


Ugandan President Museveni has blocked the anti-homosexuality bill, accusing parliament and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga of lawlessly forcing it through after he had said it should be shelved until the government could study it more carefully, the Daily Monitor reports:

Museveni“Some elements, however, insisted and even without quorum of Parliament, passed it,” the President said. “How can you pass law without the quorum of Parliament after it has been pointed out? What sort of Parliament is this? How can Parliament be the one to break the Constitution and the Law repeatedly?”

Museveni stated that homosexuals are "abnormal" and that "nature goes wrong in a minority of cases", the Monitor adds:

While in the Bill passed by Parliament there is no provision for killing homosexuals; the President said, “The question at the core of the debate of homosexuality is; what do we do with an abnormal person? Do we kill him/her? Do we imprison him/her? Or we do contain him/her?”

While the President said homosexuality is an abnormal condition that can be cured, he disagreed with the position of Western countries that homosexuality is an “alternative sexual orientation”. “You cannot call an abnormality an alternative orientation. It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people,” he said, adding that his acid test for rejecting Western position is that nature is purposeful.

The President said apart from the people who are abnormal, it seems there is a group of those that become homosexual for “mercenary reasons”—they get recruited on account of financial inducements. He said this is a group that can be rescued and that many of the youth fall in this category.

Museveni also said that some women become lesbians because of "sexual starvation" and that homosexuals can be "rescued" through economic empowerment:

By delaying government projects needed to create jobs for the unemployed youth, the President said the MPs are exposing the unemployed youth or “impecunious students” to the risks of homosexuality and other temptations.

Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin, writes:

According to Uganda’s Constitution, the President can send the bill back to Parliament twice before Parliament must muster a two-thirds majority to force the bill into law. What remains unclear is whether this constitutes the bill’s first return trip to Parliament under the constitution if Parliament didn’t have the proper quorum to pass the bill in the first place.

Update: Caution may be in order. According to Daily Monitor, the letter was dated December 28. Multiple news reports since the start of the new year have Museveni saying that he will bring the Anti-Homosexuality Bill before the entire ruling party caucus before deciding whether to give his assent or send it back to Parliament. But this report has him sending it back before bringing it before the caucus. Now that doesn’t mean he hasn’t sent it back. But if he did, it changes the character and possible outcomes for the party caucus. I think more clarification and confirmation is in order before we celebrate.


  1. Charles says

    ‘the President said homosexuality is an abnormal condition that can be cured’

    When a person will not accept any statistical or scientific evidence, no matter how blatantly obvious there is no hope for him.

  2. says

    Religion. Willful ignorance. As the leader of a country he could get consultation from any number of scientific sources. He chooses not to.
    It’s much easier to court approval from Putin & organized religions by blaming it on ‘western decadence’.

  3. Tristram says

    These African politicians prove the old adage: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And they do have VERY little knowledge of what they’re talking about. I’m all for self determination but the west can not sit idly by and see these savages make life hell for their gay and
    Lesbian citizens. Withdraw aid, allow asylum, whatever it takes.

  4. Randy says

    “nature is purposeful”

    No, it is not.

    Please explain the purpose of the appendix, or wisdom teeth, Prof. Museveni.

    Please explain the purpose of almost the entire universe, such that the only habitable area is this planet’s land, and even much of that isn’t particularly good for human life.

    Life is evolved. It’s only “purpose”, if any, is to convert chemical energy to heat.

    If we want purpose, we need to make it for ourselves, and be honest about it instead of making up lies about deities.

  5. SisterUnity says

    Yes! it’s because of economic underdevelopment, like you said. The solution is clearly, GIVE ALL THE GAY PEOPLE MORE MONEY! Yes that will solve everything quite nicely! Let’s do that now!

  6. Aussie54 says

    Such ignorance makes me want to weep. But it also makes me angry as hell. It’s so frustrating that there isn’t much an ordinary citizen living so far away can do.

  7. Mark says

    Withdraw foreign aid and enact sanctions and watch how enlightened they suddenly become. These banana republics are a microcosm of our own, where corrupt politicians use social issues to distract the public from real issues. If the public is busy chasing gays through the jungle with machetes they aren’t paying attention to their leaders stealing all the cookies from the country’s economic cookie jar. It’s the same tactic used by the GOP here in the US.

  8. Bill says

    I wouldn’t be too hard on him for that “abnormal” comment, just in case it was a political ploy to make sure they talked about the procedural issue (whether there was a quorum) and not bury that in a long argument about sexual orientation.

  9. Who's really to blame? says

    Wow Mark, talk about subtle racism. And for the record, STOP blaming the GOP for everything. Gay married men are twice as likely if not more so to cheat on their partners or to encourage an “open relationship” purely for sexual gratification! Is the GOP responsible for this too?

  10. Kenthomes1 says

    In answer to who is really to blame. I do not know where you get your. Numbers from on cheating, but even if it was true…what the hellos it your or anyone else’s business.

  11. DannyEastVillage says

    “You cannot call an abnormality an alternative orientation. It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people,”

    Hitler would have loved this guy.

  12. Paul R says

    @Knock: the article is about Uganda, not Nigeria. And both countries have received quite a bit of aid in the past 50 years and remain dirt poor because of their corrupt leaders.

  13. Leroy Laflamme says

    Good point, KNOCK. One has to wonder, though, why Britain’s DFID (Department of International Development) has just elected to increase its aid to Nigeria in 2014 from £200 million to £270 million – after initially (ostensibly)entertaining the possibility of cutting aid altogether.

  14. Rick says

    However warped the comments of Museveni may be, saying what he did was the only way he could block the bill without putting his own political future at risk.

    Point is, he blocked the bill that the WOMAN who is speaker of the Parliament pushed relentlessly, demonstrating yet again that women are not our friends and men increasingly are……

  15. Rick says

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if Queen Elizabeth II, as Head of the Commonwealth didn’t do some behind the scenes counseling and diplomacy on this”

    She did NOTHING. Stop trying to give a woman credit that she does not deserve; clearly, this man, the President, did what was right, despite being under enormous pressure to do otherwise……Some of you clearly do not understand politics or you would understand that.

    Women don’t give a squat about gay men and our problems and are, as often as not–as in this case–the main perpetrators of homophobia. Wake up and face reality at long last.

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