1. Jude says

    Those Americans who deny climate change reveal two things about themselves. They don’t understand how the climate works and in their mind the world outside the US borders doesn’t exists.

    I mean, I wonder how they would explain that for example in Finland, a Northern country which many consider to be some sort of winter wonderland, the winter hasn’t begun yet? The temperatures there are over 0°C. FYI, by definition, it’s winter when the average temperature goes under 0°C. It hasn’t been even close to that. There’s been no snow and you can be sure that it’s unheard of over there. In fact, they are talking about the possibility that winter may not come at all this year.

  2. Pablo says

    I find it hilarious how the right always projects their BS onto others. The nation talked about income inequality with the 1% vs. the 99%, so the right came up with a stupid number themselves and lost an election because of 47%. They fight a war on women, so then suddenly they accuse others of all these stupid wars. A war on Christmas? A war on carbon now? Come on.

  3. says

    Fox News – Keeping Folks Stupid, Angry and Fearful!

    Climate Change. Well said, JUDE.

    Gee, I wonder if Fox News has any vested interest in folks remaining ignorant about climate change, and the effects it will have on the planet, the country, weather patterns… or if perhaps Fox maybe has some ties to big-pollluters and doesn’t wanna upset them by pointing out the harm they’re causing?

    After all…this is the network that loves to bring on Ann “let’s rape the planet’s resources” Coulter.

  4. jexer says

    It’s all about money. Doing something responsible to help stall climate change costs money and cuts into those profit margins the super-rich crave like ‘vampires crave blood’.

  5. DavidR says

    “Global Warming” isn’t really the best description of what we’re seeing and will see more of, but rather, “Global Climate Disruption.” The science is perfectly sound Mike. Just look around.

  6. Jonty Coppersmith says

    I get Jude’s point above, but just a technicality here:
    “By definition it’s winter when the average temperature goes under 0 degrees C.”

    Not really. In the northern hemisphere it’s winter between approximately December 21 and March 21 or whatever the exact dates are for the winter solstice and the spring equinox. No temp requirements for it to be called winter.

  7. Mark says

    Why Faux New not come to Finland (where I live) Rosed are blooming in Helsinki. Leaves on bushes around hreare ready to loom…people are mowing their lawns, bird are not flying south, seals cannot have aies wihout the ice and snow…..

  8. anon says

    I’m sure conservatives will get onboard global warming when the proposed solution is mass genocide of people in third world countries. We need to reduce the human population by about half to truly combat this phenomenon.

  9. Jude says

    Jonty, yes, you should check your sources on that. You’re not completely incorrect but there are different ways to define winter and all the other seasons as well.

    One is a thermal criteria and based on it the definition for winter requires the daily average temperature to go and remain below 0°C.

  10. tinkerbelle says

    Jude is right.
    The problem with Americans who don’t look beyond their own borders is that they don’t look beyond their own borders. They behave as if climate change is only their problem, only affects them, and that their right as Americans allows them to spout the idiocies that they spout. OK, it’s cold in the American North—well, the North Pole happens to be warmer than the states affected by this cold. Figure that. It’s warm here in France, about twenty degrees above what it should be. Cognac was at 60 degrees yesterday. When Americans realize that they are not “the world”, or that they are actually part of the world, maybe they’ll think differently. Of course, I’m only speaking of the non-believers, including Trump’s hair, which generally does his talking for him.

  11. Matt says

    Don’t forget that it’s also summer in the southern hemisphere. Australia is already under an record heat wave. Jan 14, it is forecasted to reach as high as 125F which is so hot, the Australian Beureau of Meterology had to add a new color to their temperature map. Yesterday was their hottest day on record where the entire country averaged 104F.

    Great times ahead of us indeed.

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