1. Bryan says

    As a big fan of that movie and of opera, I have a hard time seeing this translating well. But the team behind it seems solid. A minor quibble–it seems odd that they’d have what seem to be black boxer briefs/briefs in the motel scene. Maybe Jack Twist would, but it’s hard to imagine a poor ranch hand (Ennis) buying anything other than cheap tighty whities.

  2. P says

    Bryan makes a good suspension of disbelief argument. My guess is that, under the spotlights, tighty whiteys may reveal too much… Silly an argument as that is. Charles Wuorinen is one of the most respected living composers in America, but his music is hardly easy on the ears. For anyone expecting Applachian Spring with words, you’ll not want to tune in. I’m most worried that the music will seem too much at odds with the story, a rural forbidden love story – I’m concerned that the New-Complexity style musical setting will seem utterly incongruous.

  3. Profe Sancho Panza says

    My reservation about this project has always been that Brokeback Mountain is about two men who do NOT express their feelings often or well; they’re not emotionally articulate men. An opera could work if the orchestra expressed what Jack and Ennis can’t say aloud, or if they’re verbalizing their inner thoughts. But they can’t get too expressive in what they sing to one another, and that’s usually what opera as a form excels at.

  4. hugo says

    Can’t wait to see/hear this. I’m not a big fan of Wuorinen’s music but it may just work, considering the locale and subject matter. As long as audiences don’t expect ‘Il Fanciullo del West’

  5. Matt27 says

    Saw clips in the news (it was a main cultural news in my country’s main news, outside Spain!) and it is very modern and may not be liked by as many as traditional operas. It sounded interesting.

  6. Dback says

    Much as I adore and admire the film, and the brilliant work by Ledger and Gyllenhall, these guys match up a little closer with the short story’s description of the characters, especially Jack.

  7. jarago says

    I’m really curious about how this is going to play as an opera. The two leads do look like the characters in the story- when are we getting a USA premiere?

  8. Henry Holland says

    Jarago, there’s no US premiere yet, the only other production so far is in Aachen, Germany in December 2014. If the opera is a success in Madrid, other productions will follow. If not….book that ticket to Germany! :-)

    I’m wary of a backlash against this because it doesn’t sound like warmed-over Copland like so many American operas do, people might go in expecting that and they get Wuorinen’s dissonant style.

    I liked his previous opera “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, his style has certainly changed since the 60’s and 70’s.

    In any case, nice to see a modern opera get this amount of attention, from the clips it certainly looks interesting.

  9. stranded says

    “The gay Bridges of Madison County” aka Brokeback Mountain was a short story written by a woman who offered a one-dimensional portrayal of these two men in love, which was translated to the big screen without much effort. That said, adapting it into the musical theater medium seems a better idea now than translating it into film; as a song can fill the gaps where the weak story had to be deflected from with some outstanding photography and score. Good luck to them.

  10. Alan says

    I think its great that they’re broadcasting it live/for free – I just wish it weren’t at 2 in the afternoon.

    It opened tonight in Madrid – will be interesting to see the reviews.

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