1. Mike Ryan says

    What did it win the prize for, direction? Ok, it was directed pretty well but not enough to keep my interest (and skip ahead). It was also pretty hokey. Is that how the world sees 20-somethings?

  2. Dan says

    Sorry for the “an” instead of “a” in the first sentence and the “was” that should not even have been included in the second. I guess I was typing too fast or my maybe my grammar is slipping. Please overlook my mistakes.

  3. Dan says

    Well I don’t know what happened to my first comment but I was questioning why this short won this prestigious award from sundance. Oh, and it had a few grammatically errors I saw so I felt like I needed to apologize for those with the statement above.

  4. Bobby says

    I am now convinced that I can grab 10 non-interesting individuals, throw them into a closed space and film whatever the hell happens and call it a film to win at Sundance.

  5. Randy says

    I thought it was fairly good (7/10) and certainly worth the few minutes it takes to watch it. Although there is a plot, it’s more a character study than plot-driven, but some folks can’t handle that.

  6. No PIckles? says

    Lame. Thought it was gonna be something. Not much more to it than a Saturday Night Live skit with British accents and no punch line.

    Don’t bother.

  7. Christopher says

    Well I got a lot more out of this short film than everyone else. Everyone was in the place was comfortable in their own skin until the rough guys came arrived. The punch line is to stand up for yourself, bullies can be taken down a notch. That’s what the blonde showed the young guy.

  8. Andy says

    Not all that interesting. However, they did accurately portray the mincing queen as annoying, disrespectful, and, for the most part, cowardly. So they get one star for accuracy.

  9. Fox says

    I’m not sure it’s award-worthy, but I found it to be an interesting little study on the same person can go from be both harassed and the harasser in a flash.

  10. Fox says

    I’m not sure it’s award-worthy, but I found it to be an interesting little study on how the same person can be the harassed and the harasser in a flash.

  11. snork says

    Interesting take on the film, Christopher. What I saw was power relations among groups of people. Even among the 3 gay men one of them played the role of the dominant & controlling one within that group. There’s always someone outside a group – when introduced – who upsets the status quo and has the potential to become the dominant force for either good or bad.

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