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Johnny Weir Complains He's 'in the Crossfire' Between LGBT Activists and Sochi

Figre skater Johnny Weir, who is going to Sochi as an NBC correspondent, told Reuters he's "in the crossfire" between LGBT activists and his devotion to the Olympics:

Weir"Those who want me to be more gay than I am are going to be disappointed and those who want me to be less gay than I already am will be disappointed. My statement is simply being there and being gay and showing the world and the Russian government that there is nothing weird or wrong with me and that there is nothing weird or wrong with the LGBT community in your country so we shouldn't be treated as pariah....

...I've been called so many names and been hated on so many fronts, and been called a Russian spy and all of these wild and outlandish things... I definitely feel in the crossfire. I feel that in many ways I cannot give the right answer that everyone wants to hear. You can't please everyone. The only people I am worried about pleasing is the Russia LGBT members that are living under this scrutiny on a daily basis and have a hard life for it. I worry about them and I want to be there (for them). Activism should be ongoing until the laws of equality are in place and gays are not scrutinized or thrown into prison simply for being gay in public in front of children."

Full interview here...

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  1. NEWSFLASH: You PUT yourself in the crossfire, you idiot. And now you're bitching about how people hate you? Can you possibly be any more narcissistic? Oh, and just in case you haven't figured it out yet--those Russian LGBT activists you say you care about...they don't like you. Get off your high horse and stop being such a diva.

    Posted by: atomic | Jan 17, 2014 10:12:26 AM

  2. FYI - Every time you put on that uniform you are making yourself an ersatz representative of that reprehensible nation Johnny.

    Posted by: bkmn | Jan 17, 2014 10:18:16 AM

  3. Does somebody need a wambulance?

    Posted by: Duh | Jan 17, 2014 10:25:07 AM

  4. If Weir thinks he is showing people that there is nothing weird or wrong about being gay, he ought to look in the mirror. Does he think there is nothing weird about wearing a Russian uniform? Does he think there is nothing weird about being a "consultant" when he is as ignorant as dirt? Does he think there is nothing wrong about supporting fascism?

    Posted by: Jay | Jan 17, 2014 10:30:50 AM

  5. He is scum of the earth - a truly appalling and worthless excuse for a human being.

    Posted by: MaryM | Jan 17, 2014 10:31:20 AM

  6. poor, poor, johnny - such a victim, it pains me to think...think...uh...what?

    Posted by: northalabama | Jan 17, 2014 10:40:00 AM

  7. He made his bed.

    Posted by: Jack M | Jan 17, 2014 10:51:55 AM

  8. This creep would have done better to stay in school. He's always been an ass.

    Posted by: ugh | Jan 17, 2014 10:53:13 AM

  9. Agree completely with @MARYM - the guy should take his dewy-eyed mascara and his Russian uniform and renounce his American citizenship as quickly as possible. He is one of the most hated gay people in America.

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Jan 17, 2014 11:03:39 AM

  10. He's such a tool.

    Posted by: Mark | Jan 17, 2014 11:03:48 AM

  11. He's such a tool.

    Posted by: Mark | Jan 17, 2014 11:03:49 AM

  12. I watched the ice skating last week and he was a HORRIBLE commentator. He had zero enthusiasm in his voice and was extremely critical (bitchy) of everyone.

    In the run up to SOCHI segment he sat there with a bun in his hair and silver tights with his legs crossed and came across as the egotistical queen that he is. You could see the smirking on his face that he thought he was so smug.

    All his comments earlier this year about trying to qualify to compete was (as we know now) complete BS. He knew then he wasn't good enough to compete, and his statements after has basicly ended his career. He is disgusting.

    Just another shill for Putin, NBC made a huge mistake with this one.

    Posted by: Will G. | Jan 17, 2014 11:06:16 AM

  13. Poor little Johnny. He's suffering SO much more than all those Russian gay kids who have been kidnapped, tortured and even killed in some instances. I hope his darling little Russian army uniform gives him some comfort while he continues making a public swine of himself.

    Posted by: jomicur | Jan 17, 2014 11:06:16 AM

  14. So, he's going back on TV to put himself back in that crossfire? Go away and people will forget about you.

    Posted by: Houndentenor | Jan 17, 2014 11:08:02 AM

  15. So, he's going back on TV to put himself back in that crossfire? Go away and people will forget about you.

    Posted by: Houndentenor | Jan 17, 2014 11:08:02 AM

  16. Here's the thing, who shows up on TV wearing the military uniform of an adversary of the United States and expects to be taken seriously? Why wear the military uniform of a country that persecutes LGBT people?

    Weir used to be the brave iconoclast. He was respected because he was fierce and true to himself, taking on critics who hated him for being proudly gay. Yet here he is constantly supporting a country that oppresses LGBT people.

    As for supporting the Olympics as a sporting events, I doubt most people are upset about that as much they are by Weir's obsequious support of Russia.

    Posted by: Mark | Jan 17, 2014 11:18:26 AM

  17. what's that i hear? oh it's the world's smallest violin playing the world's saddest song. just for johnny.

    Posted by: jaker | Jan 17, 2014 11:28:27 AM

  18. He's a hero to the gays!!!

    Posted by: Ankerich | Jan 17, 2014 11:30:25 AM

  19. This kids an idiot. He's not doing much for the image of figure skating never mind gay rights.

    Posted by: sundayboy | Jan 17, 2014 11:43:12 AM

  20. Too bad it wasn't real crossfire.

    Posted by: D.R.H. | Jan 17, 2014 11:59:52 AM

  21. Yawn.

    Posted by: AKChris | Jan 17, 2014 12:41:07 PM

  22. An athelete’s “sacrifice” for their craft is no different than any performer’s sacrifice for their craft. Some loudly cross the line of decency to achieve success, some don’t. Some suffer the consequences quietly, some don’t. Evidently Johnny Weir is one of those performers who is at all times prepared to sing for his supper without bothering too much about the respectability of the host.

    Posted by: John | Jan 17, 2014 1:04:29 PM

  23. Who really cares what this person is doing. I think he just wants to keep his name out there. Kind of like the other freak going to North Korea.

    Posted by: ;mark | Jan 17, 2014 1:08:33 PM

  24. Oh poor little Johnny. You put yourself in this situation.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jan 17, 2014 1:18:04 PM

  25. "Those who want me to be more gay than I am ..."

    That's just not possible.

    What we're looking for is integrity, or even compassion.

    Posted by: Randy | Jan 17, 2014 1:25:12 PM

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