1. MaryM says

    Why is Towleroad promoting the WBC?

    The WBC is crazy for sure but by publishing this link Towleroad is giving this cult the oxygen of publicity it so desperately craves.

    The WBC has less than 100 members.

    Ignore it and it becomes utterly irrelevant.

  2. johnny says

    Hmmm. Of course, Westboro idiots are horrifying, but it’s a tossup as to who comes up looking worse in that vid.

    Reasoned questioning is one thing, obnoxious taunting is… well, something else. I get the humor effect, but not sure what positives this serves up overall.

  3. Talisman says

    Andy must be using a different definition of “humiliated”.

    His attempts to troll the WBC were sometimes funny, but it seems that they have learned to deal with him.

  4. Michael Barber says

    These morons should be completely shunned by everyone including the media. Let them hang out to dry with no publicity whatsoever.

  5. rustytrawler says

    Brick Stone’s efforts have never really paid off. I don’t think he’s ever humiliated them, and, as MARYM says, the WBC eats up the publicity anyway. I doubt they see this as a negative.

  6. FernLaPlante says

    Please stop featuring anything about WBC, if you refuse to acknowledge them then they cease to exist. Everytime you post something about them they get what they want.

  7. Ka Wohi says

    Never stop posting these videos Towleroad. A fire left unattended has a chance to spread. Know our enemies. Put their faces on screen for all of time to recall. Their fuel will burn out.

  8. StevyD says

    Very funny, but should one make fun of the ˈ
    cranially bereft, the mentally incapacitated, and goober spawn?

  9. StudioTodd says

    I disagree with so many of you. I find Brick Stone to be hilarious (especially his interviews with the Jesus fetishists at Gay Pride festivals).

    The Phelps’s haven’t “learned to deal with it.” They PRETEND TO IGNORE IT, although if you study their facial expressions it’s clear that Brick is getting to them and they understand how ridiculous and laughable they look and sound. I especially love it when Brick shocks them so badly that the facade cracks and you see them start to laugh.

    It’s great to see the Phelps clan/cult knocked off balance by a barrage of inane and ridiculous questions. More please…

  10. sandalwood says

    To people who think things like, “Ignore it and it becomes utterly irrelevant” or “if you refuse to acknowledge them then they cease to exist” – Think again.

    The real world doesn’t work like The Simpsons Halloween “Treehouse of Horror VI”, “Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores”. The problem doesn’t go away if you “Just don’t look…Just don’t look…”

    As Ka WOHI says above, “A fire left unattended has a chance to spread.”

    Studio Todd is also right.

    @ Johnny; you didn’t get any satisfaction from this video? None?! Challenging bigotry and making it available to the public is a GOOD THING.

  11. MYDOONA says

    COMPLAINT…..I came here to watch a video, not have a pop up say that I have won an ipad and keep shutting down the page..FIX IT

  12. Gaiboi says

    I believe that some lgbt and straight allies don’t understand how this video and other headliners like Brown, Gallagher, Porno Pete, Fischer and Perkins help our cause thus far.

    I’d say Wesboro has been one of our biggest anti-gay allies thus far. They are so far gone, that for years, rational thinking people have had a chance to wake up to the insane rantings of far extreme groups and individuals.

    Honestly, we couldn’t have gotten this far without them! I love the fact that the gentleman had to stomach this interview for the greater good.

    Job well done Towleroad!

  13. Bill says

    Oddly, the comment I posted yesterday seems to have disappeared, even though it merely suggested that Brick Stone’s act is too repetitive given that he’s interviewed those nuts a number of times.

    I also pointed out that the WBC people seemed to have adapted to him and are by and large ignoring him – the element of surprise is gone. Plus he can edit the video clips to pick out the best sequences, so they probably reacted even less than the video suggests.

    Someone needs to fix the servers – these deletions seem to occur randomly.