Will Our Young Lead Us To A Gender Free Future?

At one point he turned to me and said,

"Really David if we all are truly equal why do we have to make distinctions on gender? Doesn't that concept literally become irrelevant? Just think everyone will be liberated from the current gender requirements and totally free to explore every aspect of themselves. Now, David, that is freedom."

With that stimulating and challenging conversation, I began to seek other young people to see if this remarkable young man was a brave lone soul in his vision or if indeed this was a concept that has some base of support among other young people. Much to my amazement, this is being examined and debated by a significant number of our young.

Quite simply the vision is of a world without gender or labeled sexuality.

People can be exactly who they want to be at any particular moment. They are just people. They can dress how they want, explore every aspect of their personalities and have intimacy with whom they want at any time in their lives. No one is labeled, stereotypes are thrown out the window, judgement of others quickly disappears, the roles that are currently demanded by gender identity are ended and shame of such exploration is non-existent.

If I have been listening carefully enough (and I have much to still learn), wearing a skirt to a meeting would not be because I want to dress as a particular gender. It is simply because I feel comfortable in it or even feel sexy. Parents would be parents and not mother and father. Tasks at home would not be based on gender stereotypes but on what logically makes sense between the couples. Sexuality could be fluid and filled with exploration.

Honestly, my examination of this concept still feels imperfect. What I do understand is that I am loving receiving this new knowledge from the young and maybe hanging around long enough to see this become a reality.

The world is never boring as long as you open yourself to it.