1. Keith says

    The author had better get out the next book, or it’ll be years before we get another season of Game of Thrones. Anyone heard on any site when that might occur? Can’t wait for the upcoming season, but am worried that since it ends with the current book, we could miss out on what has been an outstanding series.

  2. AJ says

    Keith, season 4 is still has to deal with a good chunk of Storm of Swords (book 3) to finish before getting to the events of A Feast for Crows (book 4) and Dance With Dragons (book 5).

    George R.R. Martin also went ahead and gave the producers of the show an outline of how the series is going to end in case the show overtakes the books or if something were to happen to him. My guess would be that HBO plans on finishing the series instead of taking a hiatus if Martin can’t pump out the last two books fast enough.

  3. spg says

    GRRM is legendary for taking years to work through plots. It’s good he gave HBO an outline and the go ahead to finish, because there is no way he’ll finish any time soon. It really doesn’t matter though. The books are very different than the show. I’ve mostly enjoyed both, although I was unable to finish the last two books.

  4. Baltesq says

    Can’t wait for GoT to come back. Of course, it’s no Looking. Just kidding! I just wanted to see the reaction of all of those Looking defenders that seem to take any criticism of that show as both a personal attack and an assault on the entire gay community.

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