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Bradley Cooper Went Commando at the White House: VIDEO


Bradley Cooper spoke with Ellen about his invitation to the State Dinner for French President Francois Hollande, specifically the very, very tight pants he wore. They also discussed the Golden Globes, the upcoming Oscars, and the fact that Cooper still lives with his mother.


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You Don't Know How Hard it is to Be This Hot: VIDEO


If Justin Jaymes, the blond twink in this photo looks a lot like singer-songwriter Tom Goss, whom you last saw on Towleroad in his music video "Bears", you are not seeing things.

Goss plays an abhorrent music star named Justin Jaymes in Out to Kill, an upcoming murder mystery indie film in which he's the victim, and this music video from the fictional Jaymes about the challenges of being someone as hot as he is hit YouTube today.

Says the press release:

Jaymes, a self-taught "musician," and citizen of clubs around the world, claims that the song is educational. He says, "I wrote this song for all those haterz that think what I do is easy. Listen, you simply don't wake up this fabulous. It's work, day in and day out." As a "hotness expert," Jaymes knows what he is talking about when he says, "the beat is sick. The message owns all the haterz who are always whispering about me at the club. And most of all, it's hot. I mean, probably the hottest thing ever made."

The single and video may be precursors to a complete album, but nothing has been confirmed. Jaymes' busy schedule of clubbing, tanning, and working-out may hinder further productions. "The world should be grateful they even get this," says Jaymes, "Don't push it."

Watch Goss get into abhorrent character in "You Don't Know How Hard",

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Indiana Senator with Gay Brother Will Make Last Ditch Attempt to Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban: VIDEO


Indiana State Senator Mike Delph (R-Carmel), who had a meltdown on social media last week after the Senate failed to reinsert language that would get the state's gay marriage ban to voters this year, held a press conference on Monday morning:

Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, said Monday that he wants to use a procedural move to try to put a ban on civil unions back into a state constitutional amendment against gay marriage—although he’s not sure the votes are there to approve it.

In a press conference in the Statehouse rotunda Monday morning, Delph said he will vote against the measure if he’s not successful in restoring the original language to the proposed amendment, which included a ban on civil unions. Without the language on civil unions, Delph said, the proposal does little if anything to legally protect traditional marriage.

“This is my preferred way to bring closure to this entire matter,” Delph said. “Done in November 2014. Once and for all.”

Watch the press conference, AFTER THE JUMP...

The Indiana Senate is preparing for a final vote on the measure. Because the House struck language that would have banned any legal relationship that is "identical or substantially similar" to marriage is restored (and then sent back to the House and reapproved this session), the Senate would have had to reinsert the language and have the House pass it again to have it sent to voters this year. They chose not to do so in a first vote last week.

2_delphDelph's Twitter meltdown following last week's vote prompted reporters to question him about his behavior, the Indy Channel reports:

...a reporter asked Delph, "Had you been drinking or using drugs during your Twitter barrage?”

Delph did not take the question lightly.

“What kind of question is that? That is just asinine. I’d been drinking tea… and that’s… are you trying to make news? That’s an offensive, asinine question. And you know, that is indicative - that type of idiotic question is indicative of the public’s frustration with the media, who is supposed to report news, not make news. So I’m not even going to respond to that anymore. That’s ridiculous," Delph said. He then turned to the room for more questions, "Yeah -- anybody else?”

Crickets greeted the question.

And perhaps the weirdest thing about Delph's intensity interest in a gay marriage ban is the fact that he has a gay brother.

Brother_delphThe Indy Star reports:

Stephen Delph said his brother has seen him win pageant titles in drag and has met his boyfriends. Once, Mike Delph even tried to set him up with a gay friend, Stephen said.

"During his swearing in, I'm down there with makeup and long hair and Ralph Lauren turtle neck, meeting everyone and he had no problem with that," Stephen said. "He knows I'm artistic and different and he has no problems with that at all....Never once has he called me evil or an abomination. He's never told me I'm un-Christian-like."

In fact, his younger brother stuck up for him after Stephen came out as a 13-year-old student in Carmel-Clay schools.

"He got in fights to defend me," Stephen said.

Watch the press conference and an interview with Senator Delph's brother Stephen, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Plaintiffs in Legal Challenge to Utah's Gay Marriage Ban Get Engaged: VIDEO


Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity, the plaintiffs in Kitchen v. Herbert, the legal challenge to Utah's ban on same-sex marriage which is now before the 10th Circuit, got engaged over the weekend at the Equality Ball held at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City.

Watch the charming moment, AFTER THE JUMP...


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The Weeknd Covers Beyoncé's 'Drunk in Love': AUDIO


PBR&B singer The Weeknd turned in a smooth remix of Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" for Valentine's Day weekend.


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Hundreds Rally In Kansas to Protest Bill Allowing Religious-Based Discrimination Against Gays


Some 250 people joined in a rally outside the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka yesterday to protest against a proposed bill that would have allowed religious-based discrimination against gays. The Lawrence Journal-World reports:

During Sunday's protest, which was organized by the gay rights advocacy group Equality House of Topeka, participants formed two lines behind signs labeled "Second Class Citizens" and "Straight People." The lines went up the south steps of the Capitol.

"We don't judge others," said Dee Moore, of Topeka. "We think all are God's children."

Jeremy Morgan, also a Topeka resident, said when he first heard about the bill, it frightened him that he and his spouse, who were legally married in Iowa, could be denied services.

"We don't want to be humiliated. We want to be treated like everybody else," Morgan said.

The negative publicity surrounding the Kansas GOP’s efforts to legalize discrimination appears to have worked, as several leading Senate Republicans in the state have now blocked the bill in its current form

Video of the protest, AFTER THE JUMP...

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