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Americans React To FDR's Unexpected Death This Week: VIDEO


In a special President's Day edition of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News,' the late night host proves just how much most Americans don't know about our presidents by getting reactions from passersby to the (definitely false) news that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away today. 

Watch people react to the death of our 32nd president (born in 1882), AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. The scary thing is that these people probably vote.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Feb 18, 2014 11:32:35 PM

  2. this can't be real. They must've been told to just follow along for laughs.

    That has to be it.

    Posted by: the other Ken | Feb 18, 2014 11:54:29 PM

  3. I wonder if some of them missed the name but heard "died" and "president" and simply tried to say something nice.

    What's missing from this sort of "interview" is how many people they tried before finding the ones who appeared in it.

    I read today or yesterday that about 1/4 of the American public doesn't know that the earth revolves around the sun. If someone called me during dinner and asked me that question, I could easily make a wisecrack like, "I thought the earth revolved around Larry Ellison." It's a variant of the Silicon Valley joke, "What's the difference between God and Larry Ellison?" "God doesn't think he's Larry Ellison."

    Posted by: Bill | Feb 18, 2014 11:57:41 PM

  4. Yeah, why doesn't Kimmel show those people who stopped short and said "WTF" knowing full well FDR died in 1945? Yes, these people are fools, would do or say anything to be on television and deserve to be humiliated. If you don't know something just say I don't know or what are you talking about?

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Feb 19, 2014 1:47:36 AM

  5. I think it would be funnier to have all the reactions of people who knew better and then all of a sudden you have these fools who are so earnest about it when hearing about the unexpected loss . LOL

    Otherwise it just sounds like crazy street people. Maybe I'm cynical but I find it fascinating when I come across truly stupid. Frightening that the probably vote GOP and honestly think they are helping.

    Posted by: steve talbert | Feb 19, 2014 6:51:47 AM

  6. No, the really scary thing is that these people can reproduce.

    Posted by: Jack M | Feb 19, 2014 7:59:29 AM

  7. the very thought that there are people THIS STUPID in America- and they get to Vote..? seriously - it isn't funny...This is so God-dammed disappointing and SAD, and tells you something about America Today!!!

    Posted by: disgusted american | Feb 19, 2014 8:02:21 AM

  8. I agree - I am also a disgusted American. There are a lot of very ignorant people out there. It is sad and scary. Not funny.

    Posted by: John | Feb 19, 2014 9:13:59 AM

  9. I don't understand what seems to clearly be a problem, i.e., this lineup of boxes on the left side of the screen (to link to Facebook, e-mail, etc) that obscures the content. Is there some way to get rid of that?

    Posted by: Chris | Feb 19, 2014 9:14:32 AM

  10. RIP FDR and the intelligence level of American voters.

    Posted by: NotSafeForWork | Feb 19, 2014 9:43:13 AM

  11. They can tell you everything you'd want to know about the Kardashians though.

    Posted by: anon | Feb 19, 2014 10:19:14 AM

  12. I'd hoped he was better than this--this is the sort of thing Jaywalking used to do, like trying to get women on board to "end women's suffrage."

    Posted by: Dback | Feb 19, 2014 10:19:32 AM

  13. OMFG. Really ?

    Posted by: Pookie | Feb 19, 2014 12:22:28 PM

  14. Disgusted yes. Surprised definitely no. The comments would certainly have been more numerous & mean, and funnier with that rural twang, if instead of Hollywood Blvd. they would have staged this in one of those rectangular red states which are over-represented in Washington!

    Posted by: DrMikey | Feb 19, 2014 12:32:39 PM

  15. Don't get all sad and frustrated. Yes, this is the face of America today. But if you do want to experience the real 1rst World you can still move to Norway, Sweden, Iceland or Denmark.

    Posted by: Felix | Feb 19, 2014 12:41:42 PM

  16. Isnt this "Jay Walking"

    Posted by: Bellah | Feb 19, 2014 3:10:16 PM

  17. Can't all go to Vassar.

    Posted by: Blake | Feb 20, 2014 12:11:44 AM

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