1. Cory says

    This interview was so ridiculous. Like if it were ANYONE else, they’d spend time on things happening RN and the future given the massive work that needs to be done (Immigration, budget, Healthcare `but not what O’Reilly brought up#, ENDA, Minimum wage..etc)

    This is such a wasted interview when ALL OF the things he brought up have been sorted, investigated and DEBUNKED already. Except on Fox News where they didn’t discuss ANY results of those numerous investigations, been on the healthcare website in the last few months… etc, etc…

    Waste of an interview.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    O’Reilly laments the lack of “pressure” from the federal government regarding out-of-wedlock African American babies. O’Reilly, his network and the GOP are all dedicated to removing the strong arm of the federal government, except in the case of African Americans they want more federal pressure?

  3. j says

    i’d much prefer to see BO sit down with a hard hitting progressive – that would be interesting – amy goodman or tom hartmann – for example – BO would really squirm then

    also wondering why BO gives this idiot a platform for ratings – and imagine the outcry if this were done by a progressive journalist – to a sitting gop president –

  4. kdknyc says

    I marvel that Barak Obama can keep a civil tone to his replies. But, if he were to use his phenomenal intelligence to totally smack O’reilly down, it really would look like someone kicking a turtle.

    O’reilly is such a self-absorbed blowhard who is used to living in his own created universe of “facts”, never having to venture out into the real wold–one would hope that the greater public who doesn’t normally watch him, will see that he’s delusional at best, and crazy at worst.

  5. Princely says

    I wish Obama would stop wasting time with hucksters like this. Nobody care what O’Reilly thinks because we already know what he “thinks”. Especially on Super Bowl day!

  6. SpaceCadet says

    @J, because if BO didn’t sit down with BOR then BOR and his audience would accuse BO of being unable to withstanding hard-hitting questions and criticism. By doing the interview BO is showing he’s not afraid.

  7. Dave says

    Even though I despise Faux News, I think that Bill O’Reilly is one hell of a handsome man.

    Some of you may think that I’m crazy, but I am a Texan, so I am used to right-wing loonies who secretly look for man sex every chance they get LOL.

    When their wives are away, they will play.

  8. walter says

    orally doesn’t bother listening to the answers he just prattles on and ask the same questions over and over even when he is told he is doing it . guess he had to hit the roger ailes talking points to earn a bonus.dave you have spent too much time around cattle to think their is anything handsome about orally he is ugly inside and out.

  9. TC says

    The sitting president gives an interview to the network hosting the Super Bowl. This has been a tradition since Reagan. That’s the only reason why Obama sat down with Bill O’Reilly. The Super Bowl was on Fox.

  10. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    When Bill O’Reilly says each night “Caution: You are entering a No Spin Zone” he insults his entire audience.

    A political pundit, by definition, “spins” the news in support of his own philosophy. There’s nothing wrong with that… it’s their job.

    His followers are arrogant (or stupid) enough to accept his opinions as absolute truth.

  11. Bernie says

    duh, Bill O’Reilly is totally unfair to Obama………..I give props to Obama for even going on O’Reilly’s show…….Romney did not have the guts to go on MSNBC……….

  12. TonyJazz says

    I like the nerve that Obama shows by wanting a ‘conference’ with a smart conservative.

    But why give false legitimacy to Fox News? There are smart conservatives elsewhere…. I remember when someone was rebuked (by fellow pressmembers, nonetheless) for discriminating against a Fox reporter. BUT THIS IS A FAKE NEWS NETWORK, created by the Republican Party. It does not deserve that treatment.

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