1. Dattexas says

    Billy Jean King is a class act. We are lucky to have her. Always, she has stood for the rights of those who are marginalized. You could have posted be more flattering picture of her, Andy. Oh well.

  2. borut says

    I haven’t seen any dialogue opening up during these games, only activists detained, deported, whipped … With the IOC taking Putin’s side! If anything, he is going to feel emboldened after the Olympics and things will get even worse.

  3. JackFknTwist says

    Just watched the closing ceremony.

    To IOC and all Sochi Athletes : Thanks, for nothing.

    Now that they’re over Putin can send in the Russian Military to East Ukraine.

  4. John says

    Re: Jackfkntwist’s post above…

    Totally agree with everything you wrote.

    The athletes have been REALLY disappointing. Especially the gay ones who totally pussied out. Traitors and self-serving wankers – every last one of them.

    I guess it’s down to the Paralympians to show the douches how to man/woman up.

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