1. kyle says

    wow – what a tremendous amount of hate. he’s a hot guy and a good actor – who cares if he’s gay or not… i can still appreciate his beauty and talent if he’s straight, gay or other.

  2. andrew says

    @KYLE: Many of the people who post on Towleroad are incapable of expressing joy and saying positive things about other people. Unfortunately, it seems to be in their nature to be negative and depressing. Yep, Ellen is a gay national treasure and Bradley Cooper is a smokin hot guy and a good actor.

  3. wayne says

    No one is spewing hate… why is it a negative thing if some think/wish an amazingly talented and attractive man is gay. I think it is a compliment.

    At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone cares if he is gay or straight… but as gay men on a gay blog, we are interested in who is gay…. am I right?

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