FOX News Wingbot Wonders Why Gays Don’t Just Go Do Business Where They’re Accepted: VIDEO


Reacting to the controversy over Arizona's SB 1062, Fox News host Shannon Bream asks Bernie Goldberg why gays just don't go do business with someone who wants to serve them rather than stand up for their right to be served:

"This is America. We all have freedoms. Why would you want to do business with somebody - no matter what your personal issue was that they had with you - why would you want to force them to do business with you? Why not just go down the street and say I'm going to spend my money with somebody who supports me, and is kind to me, and wants to help me and provide these services for me?"

Goldberg tries to reason with Bream by using the example of a woman in a similar situation and then explains that the African-American civil rights movement began by people standing up for themselves.

Bream counters with — some African-Americans are not happy because they claim that gays are co-opting the civil rights movement.

Then, when Goldberg tries to explain that he disagrees with that sentiment, she cuts him off and goes to commercial! Goldberg is not amused.