British Foreign Secretary William Hague Reacts to Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

British Foreign Secretary William Hague released a statement today following the passage of Uganda's anti-gay law:

HagueI am deeply saddened and disappointed that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda has been signed into law. The UK strongly opposes all discrimination on any grounds. We question the Bill’s compatibility with Uganda’s constitution and international treaty obligations. There can be no doubt that this Bill will increase persecution and discrimination of Ugandans, as well as damage Uganda’s reputation internationally.

We ask the Government of Uganda to protect all its citizens and encourage tolerance, equality and respect. We will continue to press the Government of Uganda to defend human rights for all, without discrimination on any grounds.

In related news, the Netherlands is considering consequences:

The Netherlands, for instance — whose bilateral aid to Uganda for 2014 amounts to €22 million euros ($30.21 million) – had already suspended its direct budget support to the government, and is now considering what to do with civil society organizations receiving Dutch aid that will be found to have backed the bill. Roel van der Meij, spokesperson for Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen, didn’t clarify whether the suspicion is on local civil society groups only, as he told Devex there’s no reason to believe that any organization currently receiving aid from the Netherlands has supported the bill.


  1. Hrm says

    Enough of this “deeply saddened and disappointed” nonsense. Just cut off the damned money. We shouldn’t be sending cash to that hellhole when there are needs at home for those tax dollars/pounds.

  2. mike says

    Deeply saddened and disappointed? WTF?
    There are people being killed because of this.
    It’s time for action! Hit them where it hurts them most…in the pocketbook!

  3. says

    I don’t read any words announcing the de-funding of aid and assistance to Uganda in the Secretary’s statement. Obama needs to speak out quickly and forcefully. The signing opens the door to the extreme Right in this country to follow by claiming Russia and Uganda are on the “right” path.

  4. says

    Of course this law violates Uganda’s own constitution. Musoveni knew this. He’s flagrantly disregarding that the laws are in violation of his own constitution just like Republicans in Arizona. And using religion as the excuse just like Republicans in Arizona. Who is behind the Uganda law? American Evangelical hate groups. Who is behind the Arizona legislation? Those very same American Evangelical hate groups.
    In their minds ‘religion’ gives them the excuse to demean, discriminate, imprison & kill LGBT. It’s long past time that they be held accountable.

  5. Paul R says

    It’s not like aid is a blank check written to the leaders of developing countries (though, obviously, in Uganda and many other countries, a lot of aid is siphoned off through corruption and needs to be carefully monitored). But cutting all aid to all Ugandans because the country’s leaders are idiots would mean more suffering, with fewer schools, poorer health, less drinking water, weaker links to the outside world, and so on.

    Many if not most countries have (or have certainly had) awful leaders who make decisions that hurt their people, their neighbors, and the world in general (see: George Bush). Eliminating aid in hopes of changing the hearts and minds of Ugandan leaders will not achieve that goal. The leaders will continue to be comfortable and the lives of poor people will worsen. The average Ugandan doesn’t receive tons of goodies from aid, but cutting off what they do get will just make an angry, hungry, divided population even more volatile. Christians and Muslims are battling for control of this unstable country, and further instability will have spillover effects that will end up costing donors a lot more in the long run. Kneejerk reactions to bad decisions might have an emotional appeal, but they’re rarely effective.

  6. TheSeer says

    This is not “discrimination” it is “persecution” and “oppression”. And the new law is not “strict” but “draconian”. Mind the words everyone, do not dilute the law!

  7. says

    Our Ugandan brothers & sisters have just had their civil liberties taken away. They’ve been declared enemies of the state. This is exactly how Nazi Germany started with the Jews.

    When are democracies of the world going to speak up? When Uganda starts to round up their LGBT citizens? When the prisons start to look like Auschwitz?

  8. Icebloo says

    William Hague is one of the worst relics of anti gay extremist Margaret Thatcher and her insane Conservative Party. Hague was happy to attack gay people until quite recently and he openly supported Clause 28 which was basically a law that did the same as the current one we are fighting right now in Russia.

    William Hague is one of the weakest politicians in history. He has messed up every job he has had. He is a complete embarrassment to the UK government. He is one of the old style politicians who take the salary and the benefits but don’t actually achieve anything. Rich kid with no skills.

    The UK doesn’t even have the balls to stop giving aid to these countries – in fact Hague and his government have INCREASED aid to these horrific countries since they came into power.

    I cannot wait for this awful UK government to be voted out. They will not win the next election as they have failed on everything.

  9. JimCricket says

    The UK Department for International Development continues to fund a range of projects and programmes that work in collaboration with ministries and departments of the Government of Uganda. The change that was made in 2012, was the stopping of ‘direct budgetary support’ where the UK Government was in effect signing a cheque that could be cashed by the Government of Uganda. If your concerned about this issue, you should be aware that UK Aid is still linked to collaboration with the Ugandan Governement.

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