Budweiser Will Not Be Throwing a Party at the Sochi Olympics

Budweiser Winter Olympics
Budweiser has traditionally thrown parties for the Winter Olympics. This year is not the case as the King of Beers has decided not to do so at the 2014 Olympics, stating that they are "not comfortable" with the situation in Russia and are thus not sending any U.S.-based reps to the Games.

What is "the situation"? Sadly, it's not the LGBT rights abuses from the government.

Instead, "the situation" consists of the terrorist threats that are being aimed at the games due to their location near the Caucasus Mountains and that the Games are taking place on the 150th anniversary of the horrific ethnic cleansing by the Russians of the Circassians who lived there. Given that tourists and foreigners would have to take trains from airports hundreds of miles away to travel into Sochi, and that the train lines have already been the victims of multiple successful terrorist attacks, the concern of Budweiser is entirely sensible.


  1. Shadow says

    @ Cal I think what they mean is:
    Sadly Budweiser’s decision to decline the party is not because they chose to stand in solidarity with LGBTs (which would have been good), but because they are scared for their own asses.

  2. atomic says

    It is too narrow-minded to feel disappointment that Budweiser didn’t mention anti-gay hate in Russia. The big picture is that the Sochi Games are a farce, Russia is a corrupt oligarchy, Putin is a d**k, and any kind of action on the part of sponsors, athletes, governments, attendees, or the media that highlights his regime’s corruption, hypocrisy, hate, and inability to host the Games, should be welcomed. We can only hope that something completely embarrassing happens to humiliate this pompous jerk.

  3. woody says

    Seems like Brian Brown is the only person who loves Putin and thinks Russia is a fine, upstanding place.
    Brian Brown… whatta guy!
    Are you going to Sochi to show your support of Putin and Russia, Brian?

  4. Bill Perdue says

    Budweiser, which is owned in part by Brazilian firms, faces a tough decision in a couple of years. What will they do when the summer Olympics open in Brazil, to the strident opposition of tens of millions of working class protesters who don’t want the money wasted on the games.

    It’s time to get ready for the next round – Brazil.

    What will Budweiser (and the bigots at NBC/MSNBC and Coke, etc.) do when the Brazilian government does nothing to stem the huge numbers of murders of gays which dwarfs the number of murders in the US, which in turn are far higher than the numbers in Russia.

    Brazil has never been hotter. …But behind the “Carnaval” mask, an ugly trend is emerging. Though the overall crime rate is down sharply in major cities, murders of gays and lesbians are on the rise. It’s especially acute in the most populous areas: Bahia, Minas Gerais, and the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo—precisely where police have made their biggest dents in criminal activity in general. Attacks against gays have climbed steadily for most of the last decade, with 272 murdered in 2011—one every 36 hours, according to Grupo Gay da Bahía, a leading gay-rights group that tracks antigay violence. This year, GGB reports, it’s even worse, with 75 murders in just the first 10 weeks. That’s one every 24 hours.” http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/04/08/brazil-s-surge-in-violence-against-gays-is-just-getting-worse.html

  5. says

    I can only fault Budweiser and its distributors so much, knowing that they have sponsored and contributed to countless events for gay-related causes and fundraisers over the years.

    I’m disappointed that they haven’t been more outspoken about Russia’s anti-LGBT policies but if I was a beer drinker I don’t think I would be ready to boycott Bud.

  6. SteveDenver says

    Good decision by Budweiser: safety first.
    I don’t wish anyone harm, but I do hope the Games are interrupted and perhaps shut down because of long overdue karma.

    Ethnic cleansing 150 years ago, bigotry today: Russia could be depicted as moving slowly, but they haven’t moved at all.

  7. Zell says

    I do appreciate that the concern of Budweiser is labeled “sensible” later in the article, but the “sadly” really seems misplaced when the next paragraph is read. Yeah, they’re concerned about “their own asses,” if by that you mean the safety of their employees and anyone who might attend their party.

  8. alex says

    what small and purile minds people have…..

    all i know is that the russians are

    speaking on behalf of their children..

    ….trying to protect there innocence…

    so what are we doing????

    promoting anomalous sexual avarice…???

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