1. Mark says

    It’s genocide. Cut off ties and aid, freeze accounts, impose sanctions, withdraw all diplomats. At lease the Canadians seem to be responding with the appropriate level of alarm.

  2. says

    I don’t understand why America doesn’t cease and desist all aid and funding to Uganda. Why is it we continue to wait wait and wait while other countries step up to the plate (Canada). We look bad. This is a human rights issue and America stands for human rights. I’m disgusted that we would hedge again and again.

  3. simon says

    The Canadian tone sounds severe and serious. They are like telling a kid why he or she should not be punished. The US and other Western nations should band together to deliver a similar serious message to them that we mean business.

  4. Bill says

    What really has me mad is the incompetently coded software this web site uses. I just posted a very reasonable comment – that the corporate world also dump on Uganda, with a reasonably crafted rational and the web site dropped it.

    Hint: if you want comments, don’t just throw what people write on the floor and give them no way to recover.

  5. lg says

    “Threats! are as nothings as UNACCEPTABLE-S” are! Of course, there are “things” in these over the top countries in Africa the tooting countries WANT. Can´t REALLY do a damned thing because “we” want what they have. There is always some reason(s) we can´t because of …. the list goes on and on!

  6. Reggie777 says

    Wouldn’t it be great if the US had the spine or some other body parts to follow suit with Canada on this issue? Since we will not lead,maybe at least we can get on the train.

  7. Darrell says

    This is odd as I have not seen anything on the networks here in regards to us doing this to Uganda…..Though with the Winter Olympics on we have focused elsewhere in promoting gay rights ie Sochi…….

  8. SoLeftImRight says

    The irony is that Uganda was basically the most severely impacted by AIDS in Africa, and benefited greatly from the activism by GLBT people in the US to move the mountain in recognizing and treating the disease, not just here but globally. It’s a disgusting turn of events.

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