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Charlotte, NC Student Becomes School's First Transgender Homecoming King: VIDEO


Last week we reported that Blake Brockington, a 17-year-old transgender student at Charlotte, North Carolina's East Mecklenburg High School was nominated for homecoming king. Brockington, who had a difficult childhood and coming out experience, hoped to win in order to set an example for other transgender youth.

BrockingtonHe will be able to do just that, for on Friday night he won, WCNC reports:

"Throughout my life I haven't always been treated equally as a male, so I've always wanted this and everybody has told me I couldn't do it. ‘You are a girl,' even though I've always identified myself as a male," said Brockington.

There were 13 seniors vying for the coveted title as king.  Brockington won, collecting the most money for the school's chosen charity, Mothering Across Continents. It's a non-profit organization that funds the building of schools in the Sudan.

Brockington is no stranger to adversity.  He says he is living with foster parents because his father is unable to accept his gender identity.

Watch WCNC's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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    I grew up in a time when nobody at my entire school admitted to being queer… except for one guy and he was forced to leave school and move away. Now all these kids can say their PROM KING was queer! This makes me happy, way to go.

    Posted by: Strepsi | Feb 11, 2014 9:18:09 AM

  2. This is awesome. And it happened in the Deep South of all places. May the best for this young man be yet to come.

    Posted by: SpaceCadet | Feb 11, 2014 9:32:26 AM

  3. As a former North Carolinian, I can say NC is hardly the Deep South. Like Virginia, it's quite "purple". And Charlotte, like Atlanta, is rather libertarian.

    Posted by: DetroitGuy76 | Feb 11, 2014 10:32:14 AM

  4. So touching! Congratulations!

    Posted by: Jim | Feb 11, 2014 11:15:34 AM

  5. Uh, North Carolina is NOT the Deep South. Study geography/culture, people.

    Posted by: Luke | Feb 11, 2014 11:44:37 AM

  6. congrats!

    Posted by: reality | Feb 11, 2014 11:53:48 AM

  7. Hopefully, this budding trans activist will not wind up like so many others suffering from trans mental illness, in prison or dead at a young age.

    Posted by: Cleo | Feb 11, 2014 5:38:54 PM

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