Chris Barron Resigns from GOProud Over CPAC Invitation

BarronGOProud co-founder and former chair Chris Barron has resigned from the organization following news that it had been invited back and accepted an invitation to CPAC after years of exclusion.

Said Barron to Buzzfeed:

“Last night I resigned from the Board of GOProud, the organization that I co-founded back in April of 2009. I cannot in good conscience sit by and watch as the current leadership of the organization disingenuously pawns off an unconditional surrender to the forces of bigotry as some sort of ‘compromise,’” Barron told BuzzFeed. “Nothing has changed in regards to GOProud and CPAC, GOProud does not have a booth, they are not a sponsor, they are not participating in any formal sense – individual members can attend and that’s exactly the terms ACU dictated the previous few years.”


  1. jamal49 says

    Daniel, Barron has sucked up to the GOP and its radical conservative agenda for years, completely ignoring its anti-gay vitriol and not stressing about it al all. When he was able to have a booth at CPAC, he was right in the thick of CPAC’s racist and anti-gay agendas. The man doth protest too much. Barron’s a sleazy, self-promoting opportunist.

  2. Merle says

    I understand that some gay people believe in fiscal conservative politics but how on earth could you belong to a party that has members in its ranks who **actively** support the death a destruction of LGBT people worldwide and at home? It’s obscene. Glad this dude woke up.

  3. Jude says

    Give these guys a break. Many of these guys believe in financial conservatism and make it a higher priority than civil-rights liberalism, which they also agree with. I do the opposite. So my highest priority is social liberty and theirs is not. This doesn’t mean we disagree with each others’ priorities further down the list.

    It has always taken people like them to make inroads that we can’t make as “preachers to the choir”. Just because we can’t quantify their influence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    The fact two GOProud leaders have recently resigned makes an impact, and the GOP will take notice. It will result in some kind of minuscule change. But add all of the minuscule change, and you eventually get the massive change we experience today.

    The only way to achieve real liberty across the board is to adopt libertarianism-lite, combined with high ethics. This will never happen, unless there is significant genetic engineering. So we are left with two parties who call themselves freedom-loving, but hamper freedom in various areas, out of fear.

    So, give these guys a break. You think they don’t feel like idiots? Well, they’re not. They made a difference — probably more than you or I, speaking to our buddies who agree with us about everything political.

  4. FFS says

    At least he won’t have to lie to people about having “tripped” and fallen down the “stairs” to explain those conspicuous bruises, anymore. And think of all the money he’ll save on cover-up.

  5. Harris says


    Screw gay Republicans who happily joined a party that not only promotes discrimination against gays but is defined by it’s racist, anti-black racist Southern Strategy! The most vocal Republican pundits have years of history of spouting and promoting anti-black and anti-Latino bigotry. That is undeniable. Many of those same bigots have also happily promoted anti-gay bigotry to advance their agendas for decades.

    Liberal Republicans who were at the center of the Civil Rights movement would no longer have a place in the Modern GOP. Hell, Richard Nixon would be considered an evil socialist for his support of Affirmative Action, creating the EPA, and other parts of his social policies.

    Moreover, please don’t give us this crap about fiscal conservatism. Anyone who looks at the numbers can see that Democratic presidents are more fiscally responsible than Republicans. The GOP just wasted billions of dollars in its recent government shutdown. They didn’t care about wasted government money.

    Democrats, like Republicans, can be weak, feckless, and corrupt but they don’t, on average, promote the oppression of groups of Americans.

    Again, look at the real fiscal policies of contemporary Democratic presidents. They have been much more efficient and successful at spending wisely. Baron and the rest of his ilk are happy to be part of the in crowd and while their fellow LGBT are shoved in the proverbial ovens.

    Both house of the Republican controlled Arizona legislature just passed anti-gay discrimination. Kansas’ Republican legislature was close to passing a new Jim Crow law to allow for segregation and discrimination against gays!

    How anyone who has a shred of ethics can be a part of the GOP is amazing. To turn a blind eye to the devastation they’ve caused to happen this country is amazing.

    American democracy needs to have at least two viable parties. At this point, it doesn’t. That’s a tragedy.

  6. JJ says

    @Jude: “Many of these guys believe in financial conservatism and make it a higher priority than civil-rights liberalism, which they also agree with.”

    You can’t really separate the two–not when voting republican on fiscal policy means simultaneously voting against civil rights. It would be like voting Nazi and saying you’re not anti-Jewish, you’re just pro-economic reform. It’s all one platform, and you can’t have it both ways.

  7. enchantra says

    Listen to the bunch of you. You would think that the Democratic Party has been our friend and support lo these many decades. Wrong. Don’t forget who tipped the scales to the Mormon side in the Prop 8 election: black democrats. Don’t forget who visits more hate crime on us than any other group: latino democrats. Don’t forget the DNC weasels who didn’t get on board for gay rights until after several important victories. You think these people are our friends?

    Politics like countries knows no friends. We don’t have any friends, we only have allies. Allies are often made in unlikely places.

    Yes, the Democratic Party is more on our side at the moment than the GOP. Golly gosh, could it be because people like you act like gay and Republican is mutually exclusive?

    There are more issues at hand than gay marriage. Illegal immigration, mass immigration, and amnesty are keeping wages down while driving welfare costs up.

    Gun Control Advocates (some of whom used to work for the HRC) want to disarm you, and make you vulnerable to attack and intimidation by some of those Democratic Voters who took over urban neighborhoods in the 1950’s .

    Student loans have allowed colleges and universities to create an artificial world of wealth and excess for themselves, raising their own salaries beyond any rational level and driving tuition costs through the roof…. because government money is used to pay those tuitions.

  8. Jon says

    The more that the gay community writes off the GOP, the more the GOP will write off the gay community. That’s not how to win friends and influence people.

    As “ENCHANTRA” said, politics is about creating allies. If we want to have an influence in BOTH of the major parties of this nation, we need to not keep treating Republicans as the Enemy. Are there opponents in the Republican party? Yes. So what. Live with it, and work within the structures of the party.

    Do you remember the Democrats of the 70’s? They had Southern whites who were opposed to Civil Rights legislation working side-by-side with blacks who pushed strongly for Civil Rights legislation. And they were IN THE SAME PARTY! And things eventually changed.

    Learn from it, folks. Learn from it.

  9. Bernie says

    I guess I continually struggle with why a gay person would be Republican, especially in this day and age…yes, I understand the “old” Republican” party meant being fiscally sound, etc, but today it is the party of extremes to the right and that is not inclusive of any minorities or really anyone other than rich, white, heterosexual males…..and now I wonder what took Chris Barron so long to see this……..I kind of feel sorry for him as it took this long for the light bulb to come on

  10. james st. james says

    …fiscally conservative? I guess if your trust fund is loaded with the stocks of military hardware companies

    The Republicans started trillion dollar wars, reduced the tax rate on upper incomes, let Wall Street go unfettered all of which resulted in the near collapse of our economy. Good job Bush/Cheney. And Mitt Romney said he would go back to the policies of that dream team.

    No, fiscal conservatism is not a good excuse for GOPathetic.

  11. FFS says

    You’re right, “Enchantra.”

    Except in the sense of everything you’ve stated in the 1st, 3rd & 4th paragraphs of your comment being factually untrue, you’re right.

    Jon, the more the GOP writes off anyone who isn’t a gray-faced, hateful, rich, old white dude, the sooner they sign their own death sentence. My proposed scenario will come into being long, long before yours ever will.

  12. ny2.0 says

    Funny how some of the gay Republicans on here are trying to use the very same tactics of their masters in the GOP. Blame the blacks and latino immigrants. Quite a desperate attempt to deflect from the issue at hand, the blatant bigotry of the GOP.

  13. says

    Does Rick honestly think that anyone is fooled with Enchantra & Jon?

    Bravo Harris!
    Barron has only come to his senses about the GOP as it relates to LGBT. Know what really makes him a Republican? Lack of empathy.

    The GOP being ‘fiscally conservative’ is the single biggest lie in politics for the last 40 years. Reagan TRIPLED the national debt and Bush DOUBLED it yet again. With never once a debt ceiling hostage taking or threat to shut down government. Small government means killing anything except the military industrial complex so as to give tax breaks to the wealthy. And fostering the second biggest lie in politics that an unfettered Wall Street is Capitalism. And then further embracing Koch funded TeaParty asshats that now want to control the party. Ya. Good luck with working with those freekin loons.

    The Democrats are not perfect but at the very least they have the Warren/Sanders wing advocating for the working class. And an advocate in the White House that has done more for LGBT equality than everyone in the entire history of the GOP combined.

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