Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Orders Gay Pride Flag Removed from City Hall, Then Changes Mind

Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has asked the city manager to take down a Gay Pride flag that was raised at City Hall in solidarity with LGBT athletes at the Sochi Olympics, BlogTO and the AP report:

FordBlog TO:

"This is about the Olympics, this is about being patriotic to your country," Ford said. "This is not about sexual preference." The mayor says he wants it replaced with a Canadian flag.

The rainbow flag was installed on the courtesy flagpole outside City Hall with the help of Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly. The pole is reserved for flags that promote "activities such as fund-raising drives, multi-cultural events and national or independence days," according to the city website.

Kelly called the Pride flag "a statement that we're not afraid to stand up for the rights and privileges that are being abused in other parts of the world."


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he does not support having the rainbow flag flying at city hall during the Sochi Games, and initially ordered to have it taken down. But after meetings with other councillors, Ford has reportedly agreed to let the flag fly.


  1. Mike B. says

    Doesn’t he have an appointment with a hooker to do a line of blow off her ass? Why is he still talking?

  2. shanestud says

    And he will still be the mayor of Toronto when the city hosts visitors from all over the world for WORLD PRIDE 2014 this summer. How would the city feel about a boycott and the loss of all that revenue Mayor Ford?

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Dude’s crackin’ up. WTF is wrong with Toronto to have a mayor like this? do they have a tea party in Canada? Ford sounds like a good fit.

  4. Craig says

    Well, that followup saves me from asking the question “What the hell is he smoking making that kinda of decision?” but then we also already know the answer to that.

  5. JDinTO says

    It’s going to fly again. He has reversed his decision. Toronto is to hold World Pride this year… how lucky to have him as a mayor as the t-dot welcomes the world… *facepalm*

  6. BETTY says

    SHANESTUD: It was reported yesterday that the “mayor in name only” refuses to take part in any events for World Pride in Toronto (apparently he can hang around with gangsters, druggies and criminals, do drugs himself, but he draws the line at the gays!). Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who is actually running the city now, will attend.

  7. PawnTheseOff says

    This is just a litmus test showing that Canadians shouldn’t get too comfortable. The hate wave will reach Canada too. Just wait until rights are taken away again and vigilante groups & individuals are given the metaphorical go-ahead, just like russia, to hunt and abuse gays…

    Rob Ford is part of the metastatic homophobic cancer that’s spreading.

  8. John says

    Perhaps, if Ford loses his re-election bid, he can run for Mayor of Sochi; he’d be much more at home there.

    Think about it: people drink (and drive) with wild abandon; you can kill your enemies with impunity; and there are “no gay people in Sochi” (that is according to the current mayor there).


  9. Mikey says

    It’s straight-up madness that he’s still employed. Canada usually shows us how it’s done. What the crap, Canada?

  10. Nat says

    Just to be clear: Rob Ford has no authority at this point to ‘order’ the Pride flag be taken down. He can certainly demand it, but there’s no obligation for anyone to listen to him.

  11. Randy says

    Sadly, he is quite representative of the ring around Toronto. Real Toronto in the middle is not like that, but was dissolved into the outer ring by a past conservative government.

    They claimed it was to save money, but of course it could not, and did not, save money. What it really did was enhance the power of conservatives and other morons. This is the predictable result of that.

  12. Graphicjack says

    Just what Canada does Fraud thinks he lives in? Every other major Canadian city has put a flag up. I don’t see how it un patriotic to put up a Pride flag. And if he things the Olympics aren’t political, what does he think such a mean-spirited demand is… That too is a political statement, you thug. It’s stating I don’t support human rights, and I absolutely refuse to help in any way a large part of my constituency. I hope World Pride moves out of Toronto (go to Montreal instead, it’s more fun, anyway) and then all the businesses who were looking forward to the revenue from the festival will best angry that they’ll actively campaign to vote this asshat out.

  13. says

    The anti-gay, anti-city mayor of LGBT-celebrating Toronto. Mayor Fraud doesn’t represent a damn person in this city – check the map of the voting results and you’ll see what i mean – he won NO votes in the CITY of toronto; just the outlying anti-city ‘burbs.

    An alcoholic, a bigot, and all one need do is read up about the number of times the police have been called to his house to realize that his wife is a texbook case of Battered Wife Syndrome.

    Sorry, Ford – you’re the mayor of one the world’s brightest beacons of hope for LGBT Equality. And no matter what you want to do or say, “we” outnumber you. And we always will.

    And Randy is right – the “megacity” amalgamation of the mid-90s is responsible for this.

    And yes, he will (once again) not take part in the Pride celebrations. This years quote, “I can’t(won’t) change who I am”
    what does that mean? he won’t stop being a bigot or he won’t stop smoking crack and hanging around with low-lifes with criminal records?

  14. Jeff says

    OMF. Will this sad saga never end? Ford needs to be flushed down a rainbow toilet. Then a plunger needs to be applied to ensure that the scum never returns. Then the sewers need to be cleansed with Mr. Clean (who is obviously gay!) #FuckFord

  15. Andrew says

    Little Kiwi is lying. Both he and his mother aided and abetted Mayor Ford. Exploiting PFLAG, they did a press appearance with him and helped boost his public image. They dragged PFLAG’s name through the mud by using it to help Rob Ford’s public image.

    Shame on you and your privileged, entitled family, Little Kiwi.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    I DON”T believe the above comment attacking Little Kiwi was written by the regular poster “ANDREW”. They don’t like each other, but neither are that petty. It’s RICK.

  17. Andrew says

    Um, excuse me Derrick From Philly? What is petty about calling out someone for boosting Rob Ford? I will ALWAYS call out someone for promoting evil, no matter who they are. Why did Little Kiwi do it? Was it because it was too big a thrill to stand next to the mayor in front of cameras? Some people will do anything to be in the spotlight.

    Too bad you think that some people get a pass!

  18. Craig S says

    Andrew, Rob Ford’s attendance at the event was a surprise to almost everybody there. What exactly were they supposed to do, magically conjure bananas to pelt him with?

  19. Bill says

    @BETTY : You can hardly blame him for not wanting to be at World Pride – an article on another web site had a picture of Ford paired with pictures of some go-go boys, and Ford would definitely feel out of place unless he spends 16 hours per day at a gym to get ready for that event. Make that 16 hours per day with zero calorie intake.

  20. says

    Unfortunately, Ontario municipal law has provisions for impeaching mayors only if they are convicted of crimes. I suspect that the drafters of the law assumed that if a mayor was accused of doing a tenth of what Ford has been linked to, he would have resigned of his own will.

  21. Hue--Man says

    The out lesbian Premier of Ontario offered to amend the provincial legislation to get rid of Ford – the City Council declined but did strip him of all powers other than ceremonial. His ceremonial powers don’t even extend to deciding what flags fly in front of City Hall. Bad news – he’s announced that he is running for re-election this autumn! My guess is that his compulsive lying will be his electoral downfall – you can’t believe anything he says.

    The consensus is that LGBT rights derive from the Canadian Constitution which would trump future Talibangelical legislation. The Constitution is almost impossible to amend for any issue but particularly when rights are being taken away from Canadians.

  22. Acronym Jim says

    How ironic. Rob Ford flies his own personal freak flag at City Hall every time he goes to work.

  23. Darrell says

    Ford is a pathetic bigoted joke, While he rants about what he wants in Toronto, Cities across Canada have raised the Rainbow in front of their city halls to support LGBT rights in Russia, Here in Edmonton the capital of the so-called “Redneck” Province of Alberta there are 3 alone, City Hall, The Alberta Legislature and the neighbouring suburban city of St. Albert not to mention the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge (So Far) This speaks volumes to me that my home province that has for decades endured the image of being a Northern Redneck Texas is far more welcoming than Toronto’s Mayor in regards to atmosphere and inclusion. When we raise the flags to no political drama while Ford blusters and buffoons his way back into the news. WAKE up Toronto and get rid of him as he has become a pariah in regards to what Canadians believe!!!!!

  24. says

    “Andrew” – as someone who has been not just Out, but “Visible”, since he was a teenager, I’m at this point in my life used to crazy people on the internet obsessing with me and fabricating things, because they can’t tell a single good truth about *themselves*.

    Ford has, rather infamously, avoided any and all LGBT-focused events in Toronto. For years. Two years ago, he showed up to read the Pride Week proclamation – and promptly left immediately after he was finished (taking the press with him) while the remainder of the even continued on.

    This past year, to everyone’s surprise, he showed up – the day after the crack smoking scandal broke. Press. Everywhere. My Mum has been doing pretty darn incredible work in this city for years – perhaps you and your mother are doing more, and better work? Feel free to share it if you are.

    You can hate me all you like, don’t you ever think you can denigrate the epitome of grace and love that is my mother. Most gay men would give their left *nut* to have a Mum like mine, and you know it. You’re one of them.

    check her out.

    And I was hardly in the spotlight. I was standing with PFLAG families, who get together like we do every year to show that Love Makes A Family – at these events. We didn’t help Ford at all – we pressed him to due his duty as mayor

    Oh heck, why am I even bothering explaining anything? You’re a troll-for-life whose obsession with me is likely approaching the bunny-boiling extremes reserved for exploitation cinema.

  25. Andrew says

    You are bothering to explain yourself b/c you know you and your mother f’ed up. When Ford showed up you could have easily spoken up and told him to go away. Told him that his homophobia and discrimination are not welcome and that PFLAG fights those who discriminate, it doesn’t give them a public relations windfall.

    You could have done that, but instead you helped him execute his plan to rehabilitate himself in the media.

    That is why you are explaining. Because you know you are wrong and you are too arrogant and too douchebaggy to simply apologize.