1. Macguffin54 says

    This is the stupidest thing I have seen in a while. How is it a parody to just throw the word “dumb” in front of everything? I don’t know that parody guidelines apply to trademarked items, especially if the parody is seeking to make money from the same thing as the parodied item. (It’s one thing to sell mugs or T-shirts with “dumb Starbucks” on it to kick them; but for them to compete in the field of coffee making, too by using the name Starbucks has to cross a line. I’d say if anything this store is making fun of the people who are standing in line for a cup of coffee more than Starbucks. This does feel like a Banksy thing, a moden “artistic” statement or a study where the work is not an item but faux version of reality created to study people’s reactions more than making a statement related to the coffee industry.

  2. JWL says

    Some of you guys may not be familiar with Banksy. Its very likely one of his pokes at society, but the satire is lost on idiots of LA who of course think its a reality show all about them.

  3. Morgan Newton says

    This seems fishy to me. I think Starbucks would have had them shut down right away. The parody law thing is pretty flimsy. Imagine “Dumb Disneyland”, Disney would make damn sure you, your business, and your family disappeared. I’m betting Starbucks is behind it or someone’s going to get sued.

  4. NWC says

    Just shows how desperate people in LA are to be hip….four hours? Come on people. What I miss is the great little restaurant (Gastronomico) that was there before this ridiculous attempt at coolness.

  5. Rrhain says

    Um, Weird Al Yankovic gets permission from the people he spoofs.

    It is not enough to simply claim that it is “art.” The very fact that the people admit that they are using the logo “for marketing purposes” gives lie to the claim that this is “art.” Parody requires that you expand and comment upon the target, not simply appropriate the symbol for conventional use.

    This won’t last.

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