1. AG says

    Snowden is a hero and a true American patriot. Litper, on the other hand, is a brain-dead Obamabot. Snowden revealed how Obama’s NSA imposed the regime of total surveillance on the American people. Of course Obamabots hate him.

  2. litper says

    AG, he’s working for Putin’s secret services, while they terrorize, torture and kill the gay AND trans people in Russia. People like Chelsea would be murdered by a gang of thugs in Russia while Snowden totally supported it!

  3. D.R.H. says

    Obamabot? Gold star for originality, AG. Obama, Bush, warrantless wiretaps, The Patriot Act, etc, etc. Can’t you figure it out? They’re all politicians, they all work for the lobbyists, they’re here to f*ck us and fill their pockets in the process while you’re all busy having a pissing contest. As they say, “Only in America.”

  4. Jonnycakes says

    Everyone’s favorite effeminate heterosexual whistleblower had better be careful or Putin might think he’s a homo and send him back to America. Butch it up Ed!

    Vlad has you on a tight leash (with a studded collar).

    And please! No one wants to see you riding shirtless with Vlad across the fields of Russia.You’ll have to find a different way to remain relevant and stay in the news.

  5. Harry says

    GO AWAY LOSER. You and Bradley are nothing but traitors who exposed nothing and only put our foreign service workers at risk. I have a brother who works for the State Department, and I’ll always worry just a little more for his safety because of you losers. GO AWAY.

  6. Jason says

    i’m so over this guy and him thinking that he is qualified or able to judge what is and is not “necessary” for the public to know. no one elected this joker.

  7. EchtKultig says

    I love it how stories about Snowden bring out the Yes Queens. Who forget that the same secret government apparatuses he exposed were once used to blackmail and extort gay men and other queer individuals. I’m an Obama supporter but he’s hilarious how the McLeft (TM) have turned their daggers toward Snowden now that they are toeing the administration line. I know of several popular left-wing web commenters who were 100% supportive of him last summer and now berate him every chance they get. The fact is Snowden isn’t really the story; I don’t care what his prior views were and what made them change. All evidence suggests to my highly capable intellect that the NSA was and is highly mismanaged and therefore an Edward Snowden was bound to occur sooner or later. Furthermore, it’s almost 100% likely that Edward Snowden is just the tip of an iceberg of inappropriate employee behavior there. BTW I know many people in the US intelligence world so I’m more qualified to make this assessment than most of you.

    As for Ms. Manning, the persons who should be jailed right now are the people in the army who gave him a clearance, did not remove him when he had obvious, serious psychological issues, and who allowed him to steal data from what was supposed to be a secure facility.

  8. FFS says

    @David: I don’t think of Snowden as a hero. Outside of the strictest sense of the word, I don’t think of him as a criminal either.

    Either way, I don’t see how a Salon article that paints a portrait of a sexually confused 20-year-old who fixates on “Asian girls” and nerd stuff, in between posting Libertarian rhetoric he likely parroted from his father to the internet should influence any value judgments about his whistle-blowing escapades, at all.

    Loathe as I am to take any cues from Chris Christie, I don’t think that particular bombshell was much of a bombshell.

  9. Thomas Cardellino says

    So many peripheral (and psychologically treatable) issues seem to determine the twisted, needlessly jingoistic and just plain crazy reasons offered in this blog for disparaging two of the most vanguard of whistleblowers in the age of universal personal uber surveillance. Have any of you even read, nonetheless studied the socio-psychological importance of the long dead prophet of the surveillance state named George Orwell? We’re living in the midst of a modest variation of this wise man’s predictions for his future, our present. Snowden, Manning, Greenwald, Taibbi, Scahill et al should be evening news anchors and managing editors on broadcast television’s paltry excuses for “journalists” that now receive high 8 figure salaries for proffering shaved and edited “information” as the nightly “happy time” news. How long before the corporate takeover, now many years in existence, of “news” to be proclaimed to the general American electorate are washed clean with the sanitizing solutions of corporate shills? You think yourself well informed because you watch a half-hour bundle of pre-screened and psychologically fine tuned pabulum for the American public to consume, thinking your civic duty to be an informed electorate is fulfilled? If so, you are as crazy as the March hare.

  10. says

    I am very much an Obama supporter in most things. However, the NSA clearly needs to be reined in and better managed (I love how the privatizing of govt functions has come back to bite them).

  11. Paul says

    Wow! What a bunch of hateful thugs posting. Snowden and Manning revealed nothing about national security. What they did reveal is that all of our governments are spying on everyone. That’s what we should all be upset about.

  12. Reggie777 says

    At least Chelsea did not run off to Russia. She took her “punishment”. In my opinion, that makes a difference.

  13. Reggie777 says

    At least Chelsea did not run off to Russia. She took her “punishment”. In my opinion, that makes a difference.

  14. enchantra says

    There is nothing more annoying than someone who thinks he’s more intelligent than he actually is. Edward Snowden is a POS, period.