Freedom to Marry Launching $1 million Campaign to Build Southern Support for Gay Marriage: VIDEO



  1. Paul B. says

    I’ve always loved John Lewis and the more I find out about him the more love I feel.
    He’s a living hero and has spent most of his life as such. What a great ally!

  2. Mike B. says

    Nathan — that’s backwards thinking, the same way that some people say school lunches and public health are a “waste of money”. First of all, that’s a repugnant notion because we’re talking about human beings and our fellow Americans. We shouldn’t want ignorant and suffering Americans. People of intelligence, compassion, virtue, and talent are being born everywhere, and we should hope that they have the opportunity to contribute to our shared world to the full extent of their ability. Second, because we share our space with these people whom you dismiss. We share our voting power, our resources, our webspace, and our living space. I don’t want to worry about ignorant people driving across the country shooting people. I would rather we try and lift as many people as possible into understanding and tolerance; into at least basic health, and out of desperation and ignorance.

  3. mike says

    I agree with Mike B. (above)

    I wish I had an extra $1M to send them as this is a powerful and much needed message.

    Speaking of money and messages. Anyone have any idea what David Geffen does with all of his money (he’s worth about $6 Billion) when it comes to the LGBT movement?

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