1. HadenoughBS says

    “Let’s be real, let’s not make a joke of ourselves”, said Pat Robertson.

    Sorry, it’s too late for that, Pat, waaay too late (and in no small part thanks to you).

  2. 1♥ says

    Is Mr. Robertson saying his Bible is wrong? The Bible is either truth or it’s a lie, you can’t have it both ways. If I can’t take the word of his god literally then I can’t literally believe in his god. If the Bible is wrong in the beginning then there’s no telling where else it’s wrong. I thought words had meaning and now Mr. Robertson is telling us that “There ain’t no way that’s possible”. I see that up is down and black is white in the Christian world.

  3. Joseph Singer says

    Pat, it’s too late. You’ve already made a joke about yourself many many many times over. You’re a senile old man who needs to check into Shady Palms.

  4. says

    Wow! Just wow!

    Pat fu*kin Robertson calling out an idiot creationist. Bill Nye accomplished the impossible. Words I never thought I’d hear coming out of Pat’s mouth … “Let’s be real, let’s not make a joke of ourselves.”

    How many ‘people of faith’ who have backed the 6000 year old Earth lie are pissed at Pat right now?

    Hear that Marco Rubio? Your buddy Pat just gave you an out. Now you don’t have to squirm and be evasive when a reporter asks you the Earth’s age.

    My suggestion. Keep after Pat. See how many more lies he’s willing to debunk.

  5. says

    Just another example of how Robertson and his hoard of merry men are willing to totally ignore anything in the bible that doesn’t suit their agenda du jour, and of what does, they’ll hammer on it and say that the bible is THE word of god and cannot be disputed. Despite every evidence that homosexuality is part of nature (and ‘creation’) Pat would use his dying breath to claim that gays are choosing “that lifestyle” and should turn away from sin. Then ride a limo to Captain George’s and stuff himself on the other abomination known as shellfish.

    It’s an extreme version of the sorta logic republicans use.

  6. anon says

    Oh, that’s got to sting. However, don’t discount how competitive these preachers are. If they see someone moving in on their turf they’re going to bounce. Ham is certainly going to be ruffling a few feathers.

    For those that don’t know, Robertson is a science fiction author (oh yeah!), and wrote about a near catastrophe involving a meteor’s close encounter with earth. While a rip-off of Arthur C. Clarke’s Hammer of the Gods, it brought Pat in contact w/ real astronomers and since then he’s changed his tune as regard the age of the earth.

  7. says

    ‘He was just off’
    How many other things has the Church been ‘just off’ on Pat? Flat Earth? Sun revolves around the Earth? Noah & the Arc? Jonah & the whale? Left handed? Slavery? Multiple wives? Sacrifice? Original sin? Anti-science? You know where this is going. Back to the original Leviticus homophobe.

    It’s way past the time when we advance our understanding of the purpose of our humanity beyond what the ancients could understand. If you can do it with creationists Earth age you can do it with equality.

  8. Bill says

    @The Milkman : Mussolini might even get enough votes in San Francisco to be elected if he really did know how to make the trains run on time (well, that is, if running MUNI was an elected position).

  9. antisaint says

    I seriously can’t believe he just said that.

    Say what you will about Christianity, but that’s always been my way of seeing things; the order of Biblical Creation more or less lines up with evolution if you consider the seven days not being days as we understand them.

  10. 1♥ says

    RE: “Say what you will about Christianity, but that’s always been my way of seeing things; the order of Biblical Creation more or less lines up with evolution if you consider the seven days not being days as we understand them.
    Posted by: antisaint | Feb 5, 2014 11:40:46 PM”
    The Bible DOES NOT line up with evolution or any science dealing with the formation of the Earth or the universe. As an example it has their false god making the earth and seas BEFORE the sun, stars and the rest of the universe. IT’S ON THE FIRST TWO PAGES OF YOUR BIBLE. You Christians don’t even know what your bible says and that’s pathetic. Christians don’t love God, they just love their deceitful Bible.

  11. Bill says

    @ 1♥ : the Biblical creation myth is not all that terrible if you take it as poetry and compare it to our current cosmological models, in which there were a series of transitions as the Universe expanded and cooled. A “formless void” is a reasonable poetic description of a very hot universe before the strong and weak forces separated, and “let there be light” is a rough analogy to the end of the electroweak epoch, at which point light started to exist.

    As poetry, it describes a universe differentiating itself into more and more complex structures. You can hardly expect numbers to be reasonable – in ancient Hebrew, they could barely count. Here’s a description of how they tried to do it: .

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