1. Phillip says

    This hits home for me because I live separate from my husband currently because of work while he just finished school. I can’t wait for us to be together once again!

  2. says

    The perfect amount of scruff on adorable dimpled homeboy.

    Ima buy the first dozen tubes cause they made a commercial showing two married men in love. If it works good I’ll buy more next week..

  3. UFFDA says

    OMG that was like cuteness from outer space. But gun oil lube? I don’t get it, no doubt too dazzled by these lovely guys in an ad that’s surely meant for another time and place way in the future.
    Where oh where would this, will this, has this run?

  4. granberry says

    I wonder how many oldgays feel like homosexuals are too cute and “normal” these days. I’m generalizing big time but i get the impression that if an ad like this came out in 1978 or whatever then it would have been in a dungeon with several guys and lots of leather with no talking, hugs, maybe a mask or two ick..

  5. Lupey says

    @JJ, I’m in the midst of writing a screenplay and would like to know why you asked the two questions that you did? Also, what leads you to believe that the plaid shirt guy doesn’t have a car?

  6. Rob says

    Gun oil lube is based on the gun oil that soldiers were issued in Desert Storm, which they soon learned to use to masturbate. It worked well as a sex lube and was cheap and available, so I think it was a soldier who had it turned into a product. The theme of the missing soldier is a cute one and it hangs together for me. Haven’t really tried it but I think it is like my Eros and my Swiss Navy which I use by the gallon. Will pick up some Gun Oil lube as a gesture of respect.

  7. DannyEastVillage says

    a touching piece but I agree that the house–WHAT a house–is awfully pricey a property for a couple that age, one of which is in the military…

  8. AG says

    I think the entire piece was great.

    What I don’t get is: Is this a commercial that is going to run on TV?

    In what market?

    If I ever see something like this on a national network I will believe that times really have changed, but I’m guessing this is for a very limited distribution.

  9. MrConscience says

    @Granberry I wonder how many babyfags realize how hopelessly safe and commercial that tv ad really is. Because pining away at home all day is the new way of being a good little homoboy? If so bravo, it certainly “touched you”. But there’s no need for dungeons to make a less saccharine advertising spot for *lube*.

  10. enchantra says

    You guys are complaining about the product name or the hype: have you seen a KY, Trojan, or some other kind of sex grease/toy ad lately? Jeeze, and we thought that the ads for douches were revolting. I practically scramble for the mute button when pussy grease is advertised.

  11. says

    If you’ll check prweb dot com and do a search for “gun oil personal lubricant” there is a release from January of 2013 that confirms that gun oil is indeed a military-inspired product.

    And honestly, it’s a personal and mutual sex-enhancement product. What do these thick and not-in-a-good-way trolls expect?

  12. Christopher says

    Interesting – I had an NRA ad appear at the bottom of the video. What, what? I get the connection, but I’m pretty sure I’m not their intended target. :)

  13. Zlick says

    Adorakable, and not what I was expecting. Considering the product, I thought it would be more like Hey, While Your Sweetie is Gone for Months on Deployment, Your Best Valentine’s Company is Yourself, and We Can Help With That!

    Instead, this was uber sweet and the use of the product was barely implied. I actually love Gun Oil, so this is a win-win … and if I ever see this spot air on TV, I may faint.

  14. olympiasepiriot says

    Hang on, I used to use this until it became completely unavailable some time last year at any of the places I normally went. O_o

    The folks at The Leatherman (NYC) told me they stopped carrying it as the G.O. people were going to try to become more mainstream and didn’t want to be associated with “sex shops”.

  15. MikeSJ says

    The best part of the video was the NRA pop-up ad. Yeah… it’s not really that kind of gun oil (anymore). I’m sure the NRA would be thrilled to know this is happening. 😉

  16. richard says

    Perhaps the first guy doesn’t have a car, so his soldier husband (did you notice the wedding rings?) had to take a cab from the airport. Or perhaps the soldier got to come home early and decided to surprise his husband. Or perhaps they are actually married to absent women and are secret lovers. Or perhaps we should not over analyze a very sweet ad and just enjoy it for what it is. Perhaps.

  17. says

    I’ve spent my entire life railing against American militarism (the myth=”protecting our freedom”, the reality=from Vietnam to Iraq, the brutal arm of American imperialism) so isn’t it just sweet that since the end of don’t-ask-don’t-tell we homos now get all the weepy “support our boys in uniform” insidious propaganda too.

  18. barrybear1980 says

    Wow, there is no pleasing some people. It’s a nice advert showing the emotion of a missing lover in a nice setting… It works who cares if the guy doesn’t drive, maybe he is a genius who takes the train.

    I’m off to buy some gun oil too…

  19. JJ says

    @LUPEY, the soldier had to get a cab home. Either Abercrombie doesn’t have a car to pick him up, or the homecoming was a surprise. If a surprise, then this is what Abercrombie does when there’s no end in sight? He spends all day pining in the yard, pining in the dining room, pining in the hallway, pining in the parlor, glowering at the dishes, pining in bed?

    It’s a two-story suburban home with a spacious, well-groomed yard and luxury furnishings (fireplace, grand piano, dining room seats ten). (I realize they used the same room for the dining and living rooms in a couple shots, but I think we’re supposed to take them as separate rooms, and not that Abercrombie lugs the table from room to room because he gets tired of pining in the one spot.) It doesn’t look like something a soldier could afford, and Abercrombie looks pretty young to have established the necessary wealth and credit.

    All the above can be explained by assuming unusual circumstances, but if the assumption burden is too high, it takes me out of the story and I end up at the most plausible explanation: lube company worked its product placement contacts in the porn industry to set up a commercial shoot. Porn producer offered his home and some models.

  20. says

    Well David, sorry you think my comment was “dumb”. But truth is it’s one of the enduring sacred cows of American culture, designed to automatically pull at the heart strings: the valiant returning American soldier (always still in uniform of course, just so we’ll know for sure). We’re supposed to believe that he’s been off fighting the good fight against the boogeyman from some mysterious threatening foreign country. Of course our media don’t want us to consider that just as likely, he was off somewhere behind a console, dropping bombs from robot drones on civilian villages, or part of our Special Forces, terrorizing & mass-murdering anyone in the vicinity of supposed “terrorists”. (See the current Academy-Award-nominated documentary, “Dirty Wars”)

  21. gr8guyca says

    Google and other online advertising is usually generated to appear with certain key words that relate to the content of the ad itself. In this case, the ad might have been activated by a key word like “soldier” or “military.” Thus, that would be a targeted – if you will excuse the pun – location for NRA membership.

  22. billy says

    I know for a fact that the house was a wedding present from Plaid-Shirt-Boys paternal Grandmother, because she is staying in the Del Webb desert condo full time now.

    And if you want a peek into queer culture try “And the Band Played On” and not just “Cruising”.

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