1. Ken says

    If Clinton can stay spontaneous, motherly, unscripted and funny, she will win. Everyone asked after Gore’s loss in the general election and Hillary’s in the primary, where were these humaniods during the campaign? The answer — in a bubble, and over-managed to within an inch of their lives.

  2. voice says

    No just no…no more Clintons, no more Bushes, no more of these dynasty political families…it’s time for these names to retire and let different ideas come forward so sick of these same players popping up every four years trolling for power…

  3. roger says

    It’s a pity that this Madonna of politics wasn’t so pro-glbt when her husband signed DOMA into law.

  4. enchantra says

    Not good enough Hillary. I want you to state unequivocally that you support the right to keep and bear arms (no registration and no permit required) in addition to opposing illegal aliens, amnesty, and mass immigration. Say it beoithc!

  5. Tyler says

    Enchantra, Hillary is an quality-minded, empowered Democrat woman, all of the things that you hate. Why would she bother saying such nonsense? She’s not looking to get the crazy/self-loathing vote.

    Enchantra/Rick: when will you get that your republican peers will never accept you and in fact resent your existence? You’re such a pathetic waste of space.