1. SteveDenver says

    I can hardly wait until he’s questioned, because he spouts crap like: “I’m running to oppose a theocracy. Democrats are pushing a theocracy on us.” Really? Let’s watch that and the rest of his sanctimonious crap smacked down in public, or by one of the TV newscasters who takes on the job of questioning what candidates claim in their ads.

  2. P says

    This is priceless… this is the moment in the action movie (with comic overtones) where the super-villain pushes aside his minions and says: “Fools! *I* will take care of this myself!”, which is when the villain’s ultimate failure is assured. Once they start thinking: “Hey! The reason they aren’t supporting us is because they don’t understand what we REALLY believe in!” is the moment of last, pathetic resistance.

  3. says

    They know. Equality opposition has made a deliberate campaign of co-opting our arguments and language. Because they have nothing viable of their own and ours win. Also because their base doesn’t bother with little things called facts. This is the FauxNews effect.
    One part lie nine parts spin.

    Let’s keep track of how much support Klingon get’s from the state & national GOP/TP as a guage on where they’re headed on equality.

  4. Bill says

    He should check his facts. Lucía Guzmán, President pro Tempore of the State Senate, and a lesbian, is a Methodist Minister. Of course she is a Democrat, so I guess he doesn’t consider her an ordained minister who is also a member of the state legislature.

  5. MuchMuchMunching says

    Well now, that was interesting.

    Let’s just look at the short video:

    He’s sent ‘thousands’ of petitions to Washington? I think he means he’s sent thousands of signatures on the petitions he’s sent to DC. If not, I wonder why he thinks burdening the legislature with thousands of petitions is a good idea.

    He’s working to prevent the liberal Theocracy the Democrats are pushing? Really? He wants to protect good God-fearing folks from the Theocracy out there?


    He thinks folks want to vote for someone simply because they’re an ordained minister? Well, I have friends who are ordained through the Church of Satan as priests. Would that be comparable? At least they’re honest about worshiping the Dark One (where most so-called fundamentalist Christians seem to be batting for Team Beelzebub while pretending they love Jesus, just not his positions on the poor, or the wealthy, or the stranger, or those who are cast out of society).


    I’ve been to Colorado Springs. Really cool Zoo. And while I and my partner sat in a pizza joint, I saw the same 2 teen-aged male prostitutes get in the cars of half a dozen middle aged men. I lost their head (in the laps of the drivers) within seconds of getting in the car.

    One eventually disappeared, but the other seemed to take about 5 minutes per and he got out still stuffing money in his pants that he’d just got from the Johns.

  6. Onnyjay says

    Um, wait a sec: The Dems are trying to impose a theocracy?? A perfectly bizarre statement, given that it’s the Christo-Nazis who want to yank everyone into their very straight line ’cause Gawd done tole ’em to. Pay them no mind, their higher cognitive abilities checked out to march in the Ether Parade.

  7. says

    Just feeling a bit humorous/vindictive. LOL. Didn’t think about the insult to Worf by making that connection. Apologies to Michael Dorn and Trekkies.

    What’s bizarre about his trying to label Democrats as ‘seeking a theology’ is that he is a freekin Dominionist. Loons. Like Cruz Sr. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs is loaded with them.

  8. Bill says

    He’s confusing his alleged ability to “exorcise” same-sex attractions with what should be obvious – gays are not going to be attracted to him. He looks like Darth Vader without the mask.

    Why is it that the guys who are most worried about being hit on by gays are the guys so ugly that it is hard to believe that anybody would hit on them?

    Note: different “Bill” than the one posting above.

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