Houston Astros Pitcher Jarred Cosart Apologizes for Calling Justin Bieber a ‘Fag’


Houston Astros pitcher Jarred Cosart used an anti-gay slur on Monday in a Twitter conversation about the Sochi Olympics in a conversation with Canadian baseball player Tyson Gillies.

The exchange began when Gillies said to Cosart, "Sorry about Canada ruining careers in Sochi right now…funny men's hockey hasn't even started yet."

To which Cosart replied: "Yes you guys claim that fag bieber too smh about right".

Cosart apologized via Twitter last night: "I used a very poor choice of words in one of my tweets earlier today that I need to apologize for. The tweet does not reflect who I am…Or what I stand for as far as an organization. Go astros."

NJ.com reports: "The Astros released a statement Monday night calling Cosart's tweet 'unacceptable.' Team officials said they talked to Cosart about the post and he is 'extremely remorseful.'




  1. anon says

    Says Cosart: “The tweet does not reflect who I am”

    On the contrary, it reflects exactly who you are. Otherwise that term would not have rolled off your fingers on to your keypad quite as easily as it did.

  2. anon says

    More likely what he meant was the tweet does not reflect who the Astro’s told me I need to become.

  3. Mark says

    The thing that bothers me the most about stories like this is, someone in the public eye, like Cosart makes a very stupid inflammatory comment, and then a day or so later comes out with a retraction. We are led to believe that is okay.

    I am trying very hard to think back to a time when a gay public figure ever did the same thing to a straight publicly-known athlete. You know what? I can’t remember a single time when it has ever happened. At least not a time when it ever made the news.

    Bieber aside (God, I wish he WOULD step aside) I’d like to know when it became okay to slur people? Does Cosart even know Bieber? Most likely not, except for what he’s read in the papers. So why was it so important for him to slur him? Did he feel better after the tweet? Did it make him feel more like an athlete?

    The good news is the Astros stepped up and put the tweet where it belonged – back in Cosart’s lap, and told him to retract. Cosart may make it look like it is his own retraction, but make no mistake about it, somebody said you either do it or face the consequences, what they may have been.

    So here, Mr. Cosart – listen up. Gay people are your fans, your ticket salespeople, the staff of the stadiums you play in, and guess what? They are also your teammates. Get used to it. We are everywhere, even working in the banks where you cash your Houston Astros paychecks.

    We educate your kids (obviously better than you do) and we drive them to their schools. We make the clothes and the uniforms you wear when you step out onto the playing field. We also care for sick and injured athletes in hospitals all over the world, both in paid positions and also as volunteers.

    We either make, perform or in some way produce the music that is played in the stadiums. And we share the same locker room with you – so start looking around at all of your buddies carefully. Some of them are gay, but just haven’t told you yet.

    Yet, with all of our talents and all of the good things gay people do, it is rare (if at all) to hear of a gay man slurring a heterosexual.

    Now, do you feel better, Mr. Cosart?

  4. KT says

    If you read his feed over the past couple of hours, he retweets people who support him and wonder what the big deal was. He is apologizing because he got caught, not because he thinks its a bad word. Another idiot – hopefully one of the LGBT sports orgs talks to him though they are still kind of high over the Michael Sam news so they might be kind of useless right now.

  5. anon says

    @KT… It would be best to retweet his follow-ups to the Astros management letting them know that is apology was obviously not heart-felt.

  6. John says

    Brain and fingers do not work independently. He obvious thinks this way and it was reflected in his words. The not thinking part had to do with, I meant to edit my feelings for the public audience. That’s the way I see it.

  7. Just Sayin' says

    This is progress in the same vein as that South Park episode on the word years back.

    Beiber isn’t gay. But he sure is a fag.

    I’m perfectly fine with the world “fag” evolving and changing to mean something other than a GLBT person !

  8. Randy says

    Are we “ruining careers”? Seems to me we’re winning… (probably due to favourable order of events, but whatever). If anyone’s career is ruined, they did it themselves.

  9. mike128 says

    Why is the response from these organizations always that the individual is “extremely remorseful”? As if remorse somehow changes everything.

  10. walter says

    please i am sick of all these overpaid athletes who say these things on twitter then quickly apologize when their agents point out that it will be bad press. if they say it they mean it . the apologies are just a way to save their income

  11. Mance Bowden says

    It is a joke that people use a gay slur (or any other slur) and the next day apologize and say it was a bad choice of words and this is not who you are. I call bu**sh**.

    The truth is, your Tweet and choice of words DOES reflect who you are. An apology you issue because MLB, the Astros and your publicist tells you to do so does not change what you said or who you obviously are. For you to easily use the word in a conversational tweet shows you’ve used it before, and are apt to use it again.

    I like the Astros, but as long as you are a pitcher for them (or any other team for that matter), I hope you lose every game you play. There are many words to describe you, but I’ll limit it to one…schmuck.

  12. fern says

    Unfortunately Bieber is called that word a lot on the internet and has been since he became popular as a young teen due to his feminine appearance.

    It seems a lot of people think bullying and gay slurs are okay if its directed at Justin.

  13. fern says

    So from the lack of outrage I guess its ok to use gay slurs if they’re aimed at easy targets like Bieber but not more popular people.

  14. andrew says

    It is a sign that we are making progress when people, in the public eye, apologize for using the word “fag”. It is quickly becoming the F word.