Jack Antonoff Of fun. Announces New Project ‘Bleachers': VIDEO


Jack Antonoff of the band fun. announced in an interview with Radio.com that he's been working on a new project called "Bleachers" and has collaborated with some pretty big names to get it done: Vince Clark from Depeche Mode and Yaz, and John Hill from Phantogram, Santigold, and M.I.A. Said Antonoff in the interview:

There’s something nostalgic and ’80s and John Hughes about some of the stuff I do, but I never wanted to make anything that was in any way retro,. So I thought let’s get the guy who inspires me to write music in the first place, Vince and his aesthetic, on the album and then let’s get the guy, John Hill, whose mind only works in pushing things forward.

You can listen to "I Want To Get Better", the first single from "Bleachers" below and watch the interview AFTER THE JUMP...