1. Dan Cobb says

    This is NOT a “real wolf”. It is a breed called “Native American Indian Dog” and boy many of them do look like wolves. This one doesn’t even look that much like a wolf compared to others.

  2. Paul R says

    @ Dan Cobb: apparently you didn’t watch the video, which clarifies exactly what the animal is.

    @Johnny: Yes, why not? Particularly in this case, where It’s not hurtful to anything but Russian pride. Pranks are not the same as rumors, and either can be done in good taste or fun, especially when revealed to be fake so quickly. Malevolent rumors are different from a harmless prank. Kimmel’s team probably didn’t even need to bother creating a fake set, since few people would know what her hotel hallway looks like. And it’s not like it showed the wolf eating anyone’s limbs or anything. It just looked like a mellow dog wandering curiously, perhaps in search of its handler and/or treats.

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