1. Onnyjay says

    Don’t know which kale chips Michelle was passing around, but the ones I tried (Trader Joe’s) were awful — just eat the stuff that builds up inside the lawn mower.

  2. Brian says

    I can’t imagine a processed (commercial) version of kale chips being very good. I make kale chips myself and they are quite good. But freshness of the kale is key.

  3. NotSafeForWork says

    Best FLOTUS ever! ^^Agreed, homemade Kale chips are the best. Processed junk food type are not good and defeat the purpose of making a healthy snack for yourself.

  4. Mike says

    As with just about anything else, Michelle Obama radiated in this poor, “But it seemed SO good on paper.” skit lifting it far up and single-handedly saving what was almost certain to be well deserved channel turning with the much overdone stereotypes of teen age girls and the absolutely HORRIBLE sound of them screeching “Ew” so many times it reminded one of irate crows . . .

    Kudos to her once more! Her black dress worn elsewhere in the show was pure genius.

  5. calansf says

    Kale chips are not cheap. They are actually quite expensive…$6+ or more for a small bag at Whole Foods. Until they cost the same as a bag of Lays, not gonna be popular. The high cost also disproportionately affects budgets of lower income families. Eating healthy foods is waaaaay too expensive. If you’re low income, it’s impossible. Thanks to corporate food giants and govt farm subsidies for certain crops.

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