1. Chris says

    “I don’t think it’s fair for people that do have same sex attraction that they are using sport to promote their lifestyle.”

    Sounds like a press release from The FRC or NARTH.

  2. says

    Comparing sports to sexuality is ridiculous. Except when it’s a hetero doing it, right Christian.

    Except when big bad assed football players are scared to death that another man will see his peepee. Right Christian?

    And there are NEVER any boners in wrestling. Right Christian?

  3. Gerry says

    Oh good grief. Let me spell it out for him. People sexualize everything… hasn’t he ever watched a TV ad? The difference of course is it has always been about heterosexuals… If that had been a man and a woman, I doubt he would have complained. He is right, it is silly… because it’s a joke. The reason he is offended is because he has a problem with gays, and that of course is the point of the ad.

  4. SFshawn says

    I think it’s SAD when thousands of GLBT humans around the world are being tortured and killed for their sexuality and freedom to express it on a DAILY basis and insecure IDIOTS like this are “angry” about inclusion and diversity. Poor entitled Olympic “athlete”. What a Whiner and Hater…

  5. CPT_Doom says

    No one could ever look at two-man luge and think it was gay at all – absolutely no one. Two fit men lying on top of one another – why I see straight men do that all the time at dance clubs. /sarcasm

    Someone should show this doofus the piece Today did a couple Olympics ago with Matt Lauer and Al Roker trying out his sport. The gay jokes flew fast and furious.

  6. says

    You could spend a great deal of time pointing out even a tiny bit of all the heterosexual aspects and agency of sports but would it do any good?

    He’s outraged at the portrayal of homosexuality in sports (even one done in humor) to help bring awareness to the life threatening situations LGBT face every day.

    Something he’ll never have to worry about and he’s never been forced to acknowledge. This is classic heteronormative privilege.

  7. Mitch says

    No children were hurt in the making of or watching the luge video. It’s not a lifestyle that’s bring promoted: it’s equality. And it’s done in a humorous and tasteful style. If you see something else, then take a look inside.

  8. JJ says

    “You think of like…wrestlers…football players”

    No one mentioned wrestlers or football players. He’s clearly been giving this a lot of thought. 😉 What’s telling is that he doesn’t say the thought never crossed his mind. He keeps repeating it never crossed his mind when he was a kid. The way he puts it, it sounds like he had to really struggle to think way back to a time when it didn’t cross his mind.

    So basically, what @LITPER said.

  9. Hue-Man says

    Blame Canada! Canadian humor is more like The Daily Show humor – incongruities, inconsistencies, hypocrisy and challenging the elite. You’re all too young to remember first-hand but here’s a good example from 2008:

    “A Montreal comedian spoke to U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday by impersonating French President Nicolas Sarkozy.”

  10. Perry says

    I’d be pissed too if the sport I worked hard at was made the butt of jokes. I wonder if the same gays saying he should relax have the same sense of humor when people make fun of the freak show that is called “pride” parades or other gay centric events by homophobic groups. That video was nothing but homophobic in nature. It is a shame so many gays are such hypocrites.

  11. Lymis says

    “Those types of thoughts never crossed my mind and now they are promoting diversity using our sport. I don’t think it’s fair for people that do have same sex attraction that they are using sport to promote their lifestyle.”

    Well, that’s as may be, but welcome to our world, dude. Straight people, for the most part, have absolutely no CLUE how many things that are utterly unrelated to sexuality are used to promote the straight lifestyle, because it simply never crosses their radar.

    Look at just about any ad for anything – the fact that people react so strongly to gay couples portrayed in ads is just one of many indicators of how much people not only take for granted that heterosexuality is the norm and the ideal, but that advertising is sexual.

    Otherwise, why would two men and a little girl skating be seen as inappropriately pushing an immoral sexual lifestyle, or two women buying a couch or making dinner be seen as corrupting the young?

    So, okay, it’s sexual. It’s innuendo about your sport. It really never crossed your mind to think about it that way, and it seems unfair to you to have all your motives questioned when you were just living your life.

    Gosh, that must suck. Again, welcome to our world. You get to deal with one or two ads, we get to deal with everything else. Maybe you should consider growing up.

  12. Dan Cobb says

    One has to wonder if he would be a vehement in his criticism of this ad if a man and a woman were on that luge… in which case I think he would be much more inclined to see it as something playful and quirky/cheeky. Whereas when two men are on the luge and moving in that way, he sees that as something dirty and dark. Something to howl out against. PLEASE dude, do you really expect anyone to believe you’ve never ever seen the homo-eroticism of the two man luge before? Yeah, right!

  13. Paul B. says

    It’s hard to take someone seriously when they protest this lovely add while millions take in Victoria’s Secret with their 15 year old models parading around almost naked. Sexualize much? Get over it homophobe.

  14. AL says

    “Because gay = butt sex. The ad is homophobic.”

    Bingo. Out and proud gay barebackers, bug chasers, gift givers, pussyboys, and predatory tops have racked up a body count that would make Russian skinheads jealous.

  15. Just_a_guy says

    Christian Niccum makes me think less of Lugers. The ad was harmless and at least brought playful visibility to the sport. But this dude makes luging look simply stupid. Christian Niccum is a tool. What an idiot. And a hater homophobe.

    I’m so flipping off of luging next time I happen upon it. Christian Niccum and his kind deserve the finger, sorry. Why do I feel like spitting in his face? Is that bad of me, lol. Nah, I wouldn’t ever really tho. I’m way better than those supposed Christians. Probably significantly more Christian than them, actually.

    He doesn’t have an ounce of Christian charity. Let alone genuine dignity. Sorry for the rant. But people like Christian Niccum make me want to hurl. What a little monster he is, so privileged–or else (also?) lying.

  16. Just_a_guy says


    Hey, I fully own that my above comments weren’t very weighty; I was blowing off steam.

    Even so, this Christian Niccum makes his sport look bad here. In no way does he validly stand up for his sport. His coach or someone should be frowning at him for this spectacle he’s made.

  17. Harry says

    He’s got a point. It seems ANYTHING today where two males have any kind of physical contact is immediately deemed “gay” today. Even a guy walking barechested on the street is now considered “gay”.

  18. says

    “When did we [be]come so sexual about everything?”
    LOL .. He should visit Las Vegas (not just the casinos but its 2 million residents). Everything here is advertised, from discos to donuts, with lovely lurid photographs of just-barely-covered huge women’s breasts. But hey, perfectly OK, non-remarked and all in good fun right, cause it so HET.

  19. David says

    PERRY and Marcus Bachmann:

    To say that the CIDI ad was homophobic is to say it implied there is something to be feared in homosexuality. It did nothing of the kind.


    The ad is a parody; it is clearly attacking the very reflex of which you accuse it: reducing homosexuality to sex acts.

  20. andrew says

    He should lighten up. The depiction of luging in a sexual way was done in good fun. Some of the posters on here should also lighten up. Just because a person uses the word “lifestyle” to describe gay sexuality doesn’t make him a bigot or a homophobe.

  21. says

    ‘Not a homophobe’ … possibly.

    Definitely ignorant on hetero societal bias and LGBT issues. When someone speaks out publicly against a marginalized group and uses words that are patently offensive they only get to claim ignorance until the first time it’s pointed out to them.

    Humourless for sure.

  22. Candy says

    The spot trivializes homosexuality as well, reducing it to the very thing our opponents think it’s about: sex, sex, sex.

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. Equality has been reduced to sex. Is your relationship about sex? No. I found this video to be in poor taste.

  23. Candy says

    The spot trivializes homosexuality as well, reducing it to the very thing our opponents think it’s about: sex, sex, sex.

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. Equality has been reduced to sex. Is your relationship about sex? No. I found this video to be in poor taste.

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