1. Hrm says

    I hate the way people on this site have been treating Madonna lately, considering she’s done more in this speech than 99% of the LGBT population does for REAL activism. They are content with sitting around and grousing, and then going to price parades once a year for the guys and liquor, but don’t volunteer EVER.

  2. says

    THANK YOU MADGE! loved you since i was a kid, i freakin’ came out to your Ray Of Light album, and you continue to be the hero that you’ve been since i first clamped eyes on you.

    well met :)

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    Sadly, the real good Madonna does do was diminished by her carelessly calling herself some time back a “fellow freedom fighter” to these two women who spent 21 months in a Russian prison, and say they’d do it again.

  4. Rowan says

    Oh dear Madge…any opportunity to give yourself MORE attention. You’re old now so it doesn’t matter, especially as you can’t get ANY man you want anymore…might as well notch up that ‘activism’ of yours that has funnily only really grown since you turned 50….

    Gays love being used so they don’t care that just because you stole their dance styles and used them as props for their creativity, they consider that SUPPORT!

    Oh dear, what was it your GAY brother said about you being a user?


  5. Zlick says

    How any gay person can criticize anyone who has made the speech given in this video is just beyond me. WTF?

  6. John says

    Love the message, hate the messenger’s wardrobe. Seriously Madonna, you are better then trying to look like a 20 year old at 57. Show us what 57 can look like as the dynamic, evolved woman you seem to be. Leave the cheap costume look to others.

  7. Graphicjack says

    Madonna is a freedom fighter… Yes, on of privilege in comparison to the girls of Pussy Riot, but ever since the girls’ arrest, she has used her international clout to speak out against the injustice of their imprisonment, which may have actually helped in getting them released. When I heard they were “missing” (how exactly do you lose three prisoners?) I feared the worst for them. Maybe it’s overstating it, but could Madonna have helped save these women’s lives? Yes, she is a freedom fighter. Stop trying to belittle her by commenting on her looks or age. She’s done more for us than a hundred gay male commentators on a Towleroad blogpost.

  8. Kevin B says


    To put someone down by calling them gap-toothed (which is the way someone is born) makes you a disgusting human being.

  9. Bob K says


    Homophobia, particularly when used by Gay folks to be so self hating that they trash people who are heros in the cause, is “so 1960″