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    The footage from Petersburg with the pink triangle is from an earlier protest, as the Olympic clock shows. (There’s no video, as far as I know, of those arrests, since they happened before the demonstration really started)

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    You have to wonder, if the Winter Olympics were being held in Denver or Lake Tahoe, and protests were occurring worldwide as people insisted athletes not attend a big sports party being held by a country that engages in human-rights abuses far worse than Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda” law (oh you know, like the US attacking & occupying & bombing sovereign nations as it pleases), how assiduously Americans would ignore these protests.

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    Yep, good buddy Dave, ignore the issue and just insult the commenter. Never mind the truth to what I said, that maybe we in America should be out protesting our own government’s far more egregious & murderous activities, before we indignantly howl at somebody else.

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