1. Kieran says

    To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, “One small step for Michael Sam, one giant step for gay America”. Nothing destroys gay stereotypes faster than a gay guy who can easily beat you up.

  2. roger says

    It’s great that Sam isn’t basing his personality on his sexuality. More gay men need to take heed of this.

  3. says

    I wonder who is handling Sam’s PR. Whomever it is they are doing a good job. Keeping his name out there, calling a press conference, appearing on magazine covers and television shows are all the smart thing to do. Is Ellen next???

  4. MickyFlip says

    I applaud Mr. Sam for having the courage. However, I worry about him now. Maybe it’s because of my own personal demons after coming out myself. But truth be told, people are a fickle bunch. And they are going to test him big time and push his buttons. So I really do wish him all the best and hope he prevails in the end. But like he says “It is what it is.”

  5. Rowan says

    MICKYFLIP, I don’t know your history but I’m sure you know Sam’s since you made that comment.

    Do you think a guy who is one of 8 where one went missing, 2 are incerated and one is dead from a gang shooting who had to live away from home because his parents were not able to feed/look after him is taking this naively? Moreso, if you saw his instagram; he has been out to his friends and seems really happy. Furthermore, the way he came out to his team and the way he talks now; was very matter of fact-that’s who he is.

    He is ready. But are the NFL?

    You bully or make Michael Sam angry and I bet you he plays even better.

    Lastly, he got his degree, a first in his family and he seems really together as a person. He has the goods.

  6. MickyFlip says

    @ Rowan I don’t disagree with all you said. My point is that people always like to push buttons. I should know. I still go through it now as I’m sure you go through it daily too. I’m sure Mr. Sam is a phenomenal athlete/person. As I’m certain you are too. But people do like to push buttons. I apologize if my last comment did come out as slightly cynical. However, my personal experiences tell me how the people within the world truly are. I know that sounds quite scathing but it’s the truth.

  7. Blake says

    Then why bring up your personal life? No one is a perfect example of anything. He’s gay and you can’t tell? Now that’s what America needs!

  8. MickyFlip says

    Oh, and also I don’t quite follow American Football that much. I keep tabs here and there but not to keen on knowing stats, etc.

  9. MickyFlip says

    @Blake I bring up my personal life because when I came out it wasn’t quite accepted. In fact, still not. More tolerated. I still get the snide remarks and jokes. All the time. Don’t you?

  10. Randy says

    I liked this interview. I normally cringe when I hear the self-loathing “I don’t want to be known as the GAY ____” but I think in Sam’s case, he’s not coming from shame, evidenced by the rainbow “stand with Sam” button he was wearing. He wants you to know he’s gay. And he wants you to know he’s great at what he does, at a point when he’s trying to secure his career.

  11. Blake says

    I get no flack about being gay, because like Sam, I’m always camera ready. And a handsome black football player may have been a part of my white childhood gay fantasies.

  12. Francis says

    He wants to be known as a football player whose gay rather than a gay football player. He’s right on the money….I like Micheal. He’s grounded, he’s mature and he is comfortable in his own skin, which will make things a lot more comfortable for his teammates, should he make a team, and the media. His handlers (Howard Bragman, agents, etc.) have done a great job with Mike.

    Hopefully he has a good combine because his draft stock is questionable as it is. He’ll shut up a lot of doubters by simply killing it on the field.

  13. Gabe R L says

    Well, in order for people to pretend see him as only a football player rather than a gay football player he has to become a part of the NFL first. Otherwise he is that gay college football player who tried to become pro, if is name is publicly mentioned at all.

  14. 604brian says

    Fantastic guy, he seems to be moving in the right direction to keep his profile in media.

    .. one small criticism. I wish he wasn’t wearing something with Under Armor logo, after their continued support of Duck Dynasty.

  15. Paul R says

    I haven’t had a snide comment about being gay in years, and most of my friends are straight. No one cares. Sure, there are occasional jokes—but I make jokes about them too. Nothing snide or hateful. And I’m not the token gay or playing straight to fit in. I’m just who I am. I’m sorry that other people have to endure such pettiness.

    It’s almost certain that he’ll be drafted. The original negative responses, all anonymous and most from low- to mid-tier NFL staff, have been discredited. Many coaches, players (current and retired), and commentators have weighed in, with their names attached to their words, and their responses have generally ranged from supportive to unconcerned. Of course a few players have said some dumb things, and the media is likely spinning things more positively on some days and less so on others. I’m sure that the media’s fixation on the locker room will wane—just as I’m sure that any problems there will be created by other players, not by Sam.

    But he’s a fantastic player and has proven himself capable of facing challenges. There’s no way he’s going to be a mere footnote in the history of football or increase support for gay players and people.

  16. Bill says

    @Paul R: You might want to reedit that last sentence (I know what you meant, but it is not what you wrote – inserting a “not” after “or” would fix it).

  17. MrRoboto says

    His strong sense of self and ability to articulate it honestly and modestly shows me that he can handle whatever the world wants to throw at him. We’re lucky this guy was the first.

  18. Bill says

    I still don’t get why he wouldn’t wait to make the gay announcement AFTER he’d been drafted to play on an NFL Team? Doesn’t it only “muddy the waters” for him to announce this beforehand? Get on the team first, THEN call the homophobes out!

  19. Cal says

    No, Bill, I think it’s smarter to let the teams know ahead of time and let the chips fall where they may. The team that chooses him knows EXACTLY who and what they are getting and will have time to put some plans in place. Plus most of the “OMG! He’s FIRST!” drama will have a chance to die down before the season starts instead of causing problems later.

    Also, he wasn’t particularly closeted in college, so the rumors would have been there even if he hadn’t come out beforehand.

  20. ThomT says

    @MICKYFLIP – Everyone’s story is different. I’m 66 years old, came out at 21 (1969) while in Viet Nam. I did not get kicked out of the military (hell, during Viet Nam nobody got kicked out). Being gay in 1969, before marriage and gay were even used in the same sentence, wasn’t any picnic but I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t going to hide. During my working career I was college educated professional in a very competitive business and NOBODY ever pushed my “buttons” – EVER. Was I lucky? Of course I was but my point is that Michael Sam’s story isn’t your story or my story or anyone else’s but his own. He is a smart young man who appears to know who he is and he, like everyone else who takes control of their identity, will experience life on his terms.