1. Dan Cobb says

    Ah Africa… so much intellectual rigor that they easily succumb to the psychological manipulations of hard-core hating American evangelicals. Surprise, surprise!

  2. Roger says

    According to Reuters, “the United States is one of the largest donors of foreign aid to Uganda, sending more than $400 million a year in recent years.”

    What could we do with $400 million domestically?

  3. ST says

    “Ah, Africa”? You mean “Ah, Uganda.” Yes, many other African nations are regressive on the gay front, but not all of them are. South Africa beat the USA to recognising gay marriage federally. Even within Nigeria, the south is very liberal (culturally) with regard to gay people, whereas the north is the polar opposite. South America has a terrible track record for violence/killings of gays in certain countries, but people don’t brand the entire continent stupid, or indeed backwards or savage (N.B. I am not putting the latter words in your mouth). Is this a racial thing, or is blanket labelling just easily succumbed to by those who are too lazy to engage in academic rigour?

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Derricka, give it a rest you old worn out tire.”

    @ “I can just picture these neandrathals wielding machetes and carving gay people up into chunky pieces. Ah Africa!”

    We’ll send your azz to Russia where you’ll get what you deserve.

    I still can’t believe that it took me this long to realize that “Dan Corn Cobb” was another alias of Rick. Wow.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    So this Museveni is putting it up to us.
    He is poking a stick in our eye.

    So are we ready for this fight ?
    Our fight in Russia appears a damp squib.
    “Duck Dynasty” didn’t fall before our onslaught.
    and ‘chick-fil-A’ ….huh ?

    But now there are concrete sanctions which can be imposed, water tight sanctions, withdrawal of foreign aid by the USA and Europe. and we seem to have a President and Sec. of State with ba11$. No medical supplies; no education subsidies; no sponsoring foreign students; no military support whatsoever; all Uganda Airlines to be denied landing rights in USA and Europe; immediate withdrawal of diplomatic staff.
    We need to get serious about this threatened holocaust.
    there can be no more excuses of WWII: “WE didn’t know”.
    We know now what they are doing.
    Obama, act !

    We need to lobby on this intensely.
    This crowd standing and cheering are the ones who will drag out the bodies of gays from their houses.
    They have no respect for human or civil rights…..they are Christian fundamentalists or Sharia fundamentalists… difference.

    Museveni signed the Bill…..let the sky fall .

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Museveni has said in this clip that :
    “We shall have a war with the homosexual lobby in the world…..”.

    Neither Europe nor the USA nor any of us should disappoint his expectations.

  7. Eugene says

    “”Ah, Africa”? You mean “Ah, Uganda.” Yes, many other African nations are regressive on the gay front, but not all of them are.”

    Aren’t you just trading one generalization for another? Compared to other continents, Africa surely is regressive.

  8. Mark says

    When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”

  9. matt says

    I’m not sure if cutting off aids is the answer. If you stop the flow of money to these countries they will further regress leading to an even more dangerous environment for LGBTs or worst they may seek funds from unfriendly countries with even harsher anti-gay laws ie think Islamic theocracies. So no, I think we should continue to provide aids to them, at least it will leave open a channel for idealogue. If the US stops providing aid to Uganda, why will they listen to us then?

  10. Jeff says

    Absolutely @Billy if Jews were being threatened there would be S W I F T action and it would have started long ago. Threaten some gays and lesbians well lets just talk about Miley Cyrus some more. If noise is going to be made we need to make it. from Arab Spring to Gay Spring lets save our gay brothers and sisters.

  11. matt says


    Yes, 400m may not seem like a lot but it LEAVES the door open. If the US discontinues then you’ve basically created a void for another country, most definitely a more malevolent one, to fill.These laws are mainly reactionary to the progress and visibility gays and lesbians are beginning to enjoy in the West. The answer is to further better economic success in these countries so gays are not used as scapegoats.

  12. unokhan says

    yo, mister president, for $400 million in US aid annually, how about some better decorating than this pitiful limp yellow sagging festoonery, mkay? lawd, my junior high school gym looked better than that on prom night, lol.

  13. Jeff says

    @Toomi keep in mind there are those with voices within Africa against this bill. Desmond Tutu along with his daughter Mpho Tutu and the whole Tutu foundation, the current Archbishop Thabo Makgoba have all condemned the anti-GLBTQ violence and laws in Uganda.

  14. Jim says


    Thank you for your racism. It’s great that you leap to racist thoughts and push aside critical analysis or reflection on how the same homophobic views and laws existed in the US and Western Europe just a short while ago.

    It’s just delightful that instead of focusing on the potential victims, you focus on race. Nice of you to ignore the virulent and violent homophobia that thrives in Eastern Europe and Russia.

  15. jamal49 says

    @MATT Name a country, other than Russia perhaps, who would rush right in to prop up the corrupt Ugandan government should the U.S. cut off economic aid and/or break diplomatic relations with Uganda?

    No, no more appeasement. Sanctions will work whether economic or diplomatic. We are staring down a potential slaughter, a massacre of gay and lesbian people.

    Petition your Congresspeople. Petition the State Dept. Petition the United Nations. Petition the European Union. Pressure can and must be brought to bear on Russia, Uganda and Nigeria and any other country that is legislating laws that basically give a carte blanche to inflict great suffering on gay people.

    And, petition the Justice Dept. to investigate the white, American evangelicals that have been operating in Uganda as political advisers, in many cases helping to write the anti-gay legislation and lobbying forcefully for its passage. Such participation and interference in the politics of another country is against U.S. law and is a felony. Those evangelical reprobates can be prosecuted for their activities.

    What is happening in Uganda, Nigeria and Russia is an outrage. We can’t sit back and let these massacres happen.

  16. Chika says

    Antigay laws will continue to be passed across the globe until the western world stop shoving and dictating what is moral or not. They have lost all moral respect they have. Values and norms differ, the sooner they realise that, the better.
    They have drained and puppeteered africa for centuries and they still have the guts to spew morality, what do they know about morality? Its not like as if they respect africans to start with. The west and their neo-imperialistic agenda! Jeez!

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