NBC’s Networks Devoted 119 Minutes of Coverage to Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws During Sochi Games

HRC reports that over the course of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, "NBC has dedicated 1 hour, 59 minutes, 42 seconds across NBC, NBC Sports, MSNBC, CNBC and USA to discussing Russia’s anti-LGBT laws."

NbcsochiIn total, 30% of coverage aired on NBC with 66% on MSNBC and just over 3% on CNBC.  On the final day of the Games, there were three mentions of Russia’s persecution of LGBT people, including an interview where host Bob Costas asks International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach whether the IOC might change its policies to specify that certain things have to be in order in a country before the Olympics would consider going there.  After Bach stated that it was not the job of the IOC to influence politics, Costas went on to question the IOC’s decision to punish any athlete who spoke out against Russia’s mistreatment of LGBT people during official Olympic proceedings.



  1. says

    And don’t forget that NBC made millions and millions of dollars off of the Sochi Olympics. They could have withdrawn their broadcast or curtailed it but they didn’t. Gay Russians were still beaten, harassed, maimed and murdered but by golly, we got to see those Olympics despite the oppression by Russian officials.

  2. roger says

    Honestly, why would NBC care about GLBT rights in Russia? It was in Russia to make money. The athletes were there to win medals. NBC would never put gay rights before money. In fact, none of the liberal media organizations would.

  3. Mike C. says

    Not settled whether, despite high revenues, they’ll actually make a profit. In the past, NBC has barely broken even or lost money with some Olympics. They’re pretty paper-thin margins

  4. Ryan says

    It may not be the job of the IOC to get involved in politics, but it *is* the job of the IOC to protect its athletes, fans, coaches and anyone else attending the games.

    Ensuring every country respects the civil rights of anyone at the games should always be of paramount concern to the IOC. At it’s very base, it’s a security issue.

  5. Randy says

    Perhaps this is the graph of LGBT viewing habits they are trying to cultivate, over the course of a year.

  6. graphicjack says

    The IOC doesn’t need to influence the polotics of nations. They need to ensure they follow their own mandate and don’t allow countries with major human rights violations a chance to hold an Olympic Games. It’s that simple. Countries will either think twice about their anti-human rights laws or they will continue their hate and forgo any chance of hosting the Olympics. Done. However, the IOC is so corrupt that they don’t give a crap about human rights as long as they get exposure and $$$.

  7. Henry Holland says

    Posted by: graphicjack | Feb 25, 2014 4:59:29 AM

    You mean like the United States, which has invaded countries that were no threat to it (Iraq), uses drone strikes on innocents (too numerous to mention), has gay marriage banned in more than half of its states (29) etc.

    No Olympics for the United States!!!!!

  8. James Albright says

    Does anyone know exactly where I can download Costas comments during the Olympics.