New Gay Rights Party to Make Parliamentary Bid This Year in South Africa

The Equal Rights Party, a new party that will stand on a platform of protecting the rights of LGBT people, will make a parliamentary bid in South Africa this year, the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Southafrica"We need a voice in parliament to protect women from being raped because people want to cure them from being lesbians," Michael Herbst of the Equal Rights Party said on Saturday. "We need someone in parliament when boys are bullied at school because they are thought to be gay," said the retired professor of health studies at the University of South Africa.

…Mr Herbst also said lawmakers for the new party would have a platform for speaking out against violations of gay rights in countries such as Russia, Nigeria and Uganda. Asked what he thought the party's chances were in the elections slated for the second half of the year, Herbst said: "We can definitively make it".


  1. Vera says

    Just another example that you can’t please everyone. Let’s give everyone a status update on gay rights in South Africa…

    -Full adoption rights
    -Discrimination protections in every case
    -Ability for MSM to donate blood (with a deferral period for like six months I think)
    -Hate crime legislation

    homophobic bullying is something found in EVERY OTHER country in the world, South Africa is not unique in this regard! The rape of lesbians is a problem but so is the massive rape problem we have for all women.

    Not to mention our absolutely insane murder rate…

    Honestly, get over yourselves, vote DA or COPE instead of this nonsense…