1. JackFknTwist says

    I watched the programme.
    The ‘action group’ was led by a female; she also directed the beating up of a victim in the apartment.
    And yes, it needs to be shown in the USA, especially to the self righteous evangelicals.


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  2. JackFknTwist says

    I watched this on Channel 4.
    The group of thugs was led by a female; she directed the beating in the apt.
    She should be arrested immediately , as all of them should be, they are clearly identifiable on the film clip.
    Yes, show this to the self righteous evangelicals, they drummed up all this hate.

  3. says

    As far as I’ve heard, no one has been arrested because the victims are afraid to bring charges.

    Tesak was arrested, but on other charges: extremism and inciting national hatred and disrespecting war veterans. Nothing for his founding of the anti-gay Occupy movement.

  4. jeffik says

    This is totally barbaric. It’s like they have returned to the dark ages. What’s next? Witch burning and inquisition? The UK, US and Canada should expel Russian diplomats since they can probably not be harassed since they have immunity.

  5. Just Sayin' says

    The cops there wont go after anybody, even if you do try to file charges, they’ll just laugh at you.

    It’s exactly how it was here, back in like the 70’s/80’s.

    They get away with it because the vast majority of people there truly believe gay people deserve to be treated this way.

    And there’s nobody there to stop them, nobody is going to tell them no, much less do the things I want to do to them, which shall go unspecified here, but you can use your imaginations.

    Suffice it to say watching this stuff induces a rage in me that I don’t dig at all.

  6. Henry Holland says

    “It’s like they have returned to the dark ages”

    Returned? They never really left! :-( Russia has existed for over 1200 years and they’ve never known anything close to democracy. It’s sad to think that Communism might have been the best thing to ever happen to Russia. It’s like the Who song:

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    “They get away with it because the vast majority of people there truly believe gay people deserve to be treated this way”

    ^^ THIS. There’s still a sizeable amount of My Fellow Americans that think that too, it’s just become sociably unacceptable in some places to say so out loud.

    And enough with the “fag bashers are closet cases” nonsense. No, they just think they can run amok against people that they perceive to be weak and who can’t fight back.

  7. Cold says

    If we want heterosexuals to ‘GET IT’, maybe showing them these clips of OUR SUFFERING isn’t enough.

    Maybe gays need to get organized into ‘action groups’, pose as women online looking for dates, lure straight men to apartments, and then have gays do these things to those straight men, and post it online…

  8. Victor says


    On her page on the internet her full name is allegedly “Ekaterina Zigunova.” I am not sure, though, that this is her actual name, because the last name could be a fake formed from the first word in neo-Nazi cry “Sieg heil” (the first word sounds like “zeeg”).

    So that you know. They’re not just antigay. You see those white-yellow-black flags in the car? That’s the flag of Russian monarchists. And from the Vkontakte page of this Katya, it looks like they also are part of a white pride movement, she has pics of 1488, which I just found out is connected to white supremacists.

  9. andrew says

    They clearly know that they are not targeting child molesters/pedophiliacs. They are using grows men as their “bait” and going to gay film festivals. They are loathsome individuals. I can’t help but wonder how many are closet cases and motivated by self loathing. Are young straights, confident in their own sexuality, so preoccupied with homosexuality?

  10. StudioTodd says

    Sounds like Russian men need to start showing up to meet online hookups armed to the teeth. I would really love to hear that someone took out an entire roomful of these disgusting bastards. They are subhuman.

  11. miami says

    Having been to Russia many times its is really sad how hetero-sexual relations are so miserable. The high levels of promiscuous women/men, high divorce rates, astronomical abortion rates and sexual diseases (because men refuse to wear condoms and prefer women to get pregnant as proof of their virility but not to carry children to birth), high levels of alcoholism, horrible numbers of poor/homeless old women/babushkas begging in front of the subway/metro, abandoned old women whose husbands long ago died from alcohol related diseases. Hetro-society and hetro families are mostly complete and utter failures, nearly half are destroyed by social/psycho/economic problems. And the political elite see it fit to destroy the lives of the LGBT community because they have no options, cannot stop suffocating the economic future of the nation, and stop stealing. Plus there are deep, dark closets at the highest levels of government that everybody knows exists but are too afraid to mention even outside of MR mother Russia. No one is safe from this regime.

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