1. will says

    “I’ll be your everything”, “what we have is worth fighting for, what we want is so much more”, “we can’t have it all”.

    This is almost the definition of banal, dull-workmanlike lyrics. They’re one-size-fits-all lyrics. It’s oppressive being stuck at this gray-colored drab earnestness. It’s like all the talent has been sucked away and only cliches are left behind.

  2. PETERK says

    Some of these comments are pretty nasty. It’s sad that we can’t support each other. Seems like gay artists these days really can’t win with the community.

    I, personally, loved the song and checked out their other stuff. I’m happy to see this coming through the music scene. Great voices and unique sound. They have one more fan in me!

  3. Josh says

    I love that these queens are putting out something a little different… a little left of center. So refreshing to see homos who aren’t either brainless muscle clones or empty cliches… they represent something true and organic. Excited for what they’ll do next.

    Oh, and to all the H8Rs… you guys are funny. Link to your music videos next time so we can compare this to something better? oh wait…

  4. says

    The negative criticism lives up to the stereotype of tired, bitter, vicious queens but of course it only takes a few minutes to sit at your keyboard and live up to a cliche yourselves whereas at least these young men are trying to put something creative in the universe. Go visit my YouTube page and use your slings and arrows against my cliched work too. “Patroclus” is a good place for you to start.

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