1. Jeff says

    Ummm, How is this news? Any Towle’s website and news will only get the respect they deserve when this site gets treated more like a legit news site and less like a glorified TMZ site for the queer community.

  2. Ricco says

    JEFF – why do you think a human interest piece or story/vid deligitimizes Towleroad as a news site when from the genesis of newspapers on print, than online, an televised news has always included such stories?

    Perhaps you are forgetting all the serious stories of bullying, and every story one sees on Huffington Post, and the point-by-point legal analysis of court rulings?

    TMZ Towleraod does not. Some people just seem to criticize for the sake of criticizing.

    C’mon Jeff – Lighten up!!

  3. David From Canada says

    Great diving team and results.
    But I’m supposed to use that photo as my Desktop/Screen Saver? No thanks. If I wanted a Preen Queen I’d use Davey Wavey.

  4. Gordon says

    This is a second rate show in the uk, I think the only reason it picked up is because daly got involved “bisexually” with lance black all the closet dad’s as well as the hetero mums watching.

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